19 October

Ronnie Burrage
Drums, b.1959, St. Louis, MO

Eddie Daniels
Clarinet, b.1941, New York, NY – Though he is most well-known as a jazz clarinet player, he has also played alto and tenor saxophones and flute, as well as classical music on the clarinet. He became interested in jazz as a teenager when he was impressed by the musicians accompanying singers, such as Frank Sinatra, on recordings. Eddie’s first instrument was the alto saxophone, and by the age of 15 he had played at the Newport Jazz Festival youth competition. By the time he entered college, he was also playing clarinet.
Official website: http://www.eddiedanielsclarinet.com

Tim Garland
British jazz saxophonist, composer and band-leader, b.1966, Ilford, England – He is also known for his innovative bass clarinet playing and for his prolific output as composer, blurring the boundaries between modern jazz and classical concert music. He was voted “Musician Of The Year” by the 2006 Cross-Parliamentary Jazz Society.
Official website: http://www.timgarland.com/

Spike Hughes
British jazz musician, composer and music journalist. b.1908 d.1987, London, England – Spike was a wonderfully multi-dimensional musician, playing the double bass, composing operatic scores, arranging jazz recordings and writing books on topics ranging from gardening to Toscanini’s music. His musical career spanned the period from the mid 1920s to 1933, culminating in his visit to New York City where he arranged 3 historic recording sessions involving Benny Carter’s band with Coleman Hawkins.

Roger Wolf Kahn
American jazz and popular musician, composer, and bandleader (“Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra”), b.1907 d.1962, Morristown, NJ – Kahn is said to have learned to play 18 musical instruments before starting to lead his own orchestra in 1923, aged only 16. Kahn hired famous jazz musicians of the day to play in his band, especially during recording sessions, for example Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Artie Shaw, Jack Teagarden, Red Nichols, and Gene Krupa. Recordings were made for Victor until 1929, Columbia in 1929 and 1930, and for the Brunswick label in 1932. He died of a heart attack in New York City in 1962.

Sylvester Lewis
Trumpet, b.1908 d.1974, Kansas City, MO

Alphonse Picou
Clarinet, b.1878 d.1961, New Orleans, LA

Red Richards
Piano, b.1912, New York, NY

Howard Smith
Piano, b.1910, Ardmore, OK