17 October

Howard Alden
Guitar, b.1958, Newport Beach, California – His performances were dubbed over Sean Penn as ‘Emmet Ray’ in the 1999 Woody Allen film Sweet and Lowdown. Howard has produced several albums with George Van Eps.

Sathima Bea Benjamin
Vocalist, b.1936, wife of Abdullah Ibrahim, Cape Town, South Africa, Lives in New York and runs her own record lable eKapa Records. She met Duke Ellington in Switzerland in 1962 and that saw the start both her and Aubdullah’s international music career’s. Ellington sponsored recordings for both but Benjamin’s was unfortunately not released for the first time until 1996.

David Bee, Arranger
b.1903, Brussels, Belgium

Joseph Bowie
Trombone, b.1953, St. Louis, MO

Cozy (William Randolph) Cole
Drums, b.1906 d.1981, East Orange, NJplayed w/Cab Calloway, Louie Armstrong; solo: Topsy; in films: Make Mine Music, The Glen Miller Story; developed a drummers’ school w/Gene Krupa

Lee Collins
Trumpet, b.1901 d.1960, New Orleans, LA

Jimmy Harrison
Trombone, b.1900 d.1931, Louisville, KY

Barney Kessel
Guitar, b.1923 d.2004, Muskogee, Oklahoma – He began his career as a teenager touring with local dance bands before moving on to bands such as that led by Chico Marx. Barney Kessel is known for his innovative work in the guitar trio setting. In the 1950s, he made a series of albums called “The Poll Winners” with Ray Brown on bass and Shelly Manne on drums. He was also responsible for the prominent guitar on Julie London’s definitive recording of “Cry Me a River”. Kessel was also a member of the Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown in the early 1950s. The guitar chair was called the hardest gig in show business since Peterson often liked to play at breakneck tempos. Herb Ellis took over from Kessel after a year or so. Kessel died of brain cancer in San Diego, California. He had been in poor health after suffering a stroke in 1992.

Jan Sima
Arranger, Leader, b.1911, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Leslie Thompson
Trumpet, b.1901 d.1987, Kingston, Jamaica