4 November

Adrian Laies (piano) – 1960

Ali Shadan (saxophone) – 1981

Carlos “Potato” Valdez – Percussion, b.1926, Havana, Cuba

Chris Humphrey (vocals) – 1965

Dave Carpenter (bass) – 1959

David Arner (piano) – 1951

Delbert McClinton – 1940

Eddie Gomez – Bass, b.1944, San Juan, Puerto Rico – He emigrated with his family at a young age to the United States and grew up in New York. He started on double bass in the New York City school system at the age of eleven and at age thirteen went to the New York City High School of Music. He went on to study with Fred Zimmerman. He played in the Marshall Brown-led Newport Festival Youth Band from 1959 to 1961, and was later educated at Juilliard. His career mainly consists of working as an accompanist, a position suited for his quick reflexes and flexibility. In addition to working as a studio musician for many famous jazz musicians, he has recorded as a leader for Columbia Records, ProJazz and Stretch. Most of his recent recordings as a leader are co-led by jazz pianist Mark Kramer (Mark Kramer (jazz)).

Eggy Ley – Soprano Sax, b.1928, London, England

Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen (vocals) – 1978

Erid Le Lann – Flugelhorn, b.1957, St. Brieuc, France

Gustavo Bulgach (saxophone) – 1965

Jeff Lorber – A Grammy Award-nominated keyboardist, composer, and record producer, b.1952, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After leading his own group, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, he went on to pioneer the smooth jazz genre in his solo career. Lorber started to play the piano when he was four years old and after playing in a number of R&B bands as a teen, went on to attend Berklee College of Music, where he developed his love for jazz. His first group, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, released their self-titled debut album in 1977. Lorber also hosts his own show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Jeff Lorber is married to a woman named Mink. When Lorber was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, he received a successful kidney transplant from his wife. His website is at http://www.lorber.com/

Jeremy Pelt (trumpet) – 1976

Joe Benjamin – Bass, b.1919 d.1974, Atlantic City, NJ

Joe Sullivan – Piano, Composer, b.1906 d.1971, Chicago, IL

Jon Opstad (drums) – 1983

Lalo (vibes)

Larry Bunker – Drums, 1928-2005, Long Beach, CA

Les De Merle – Drums, b.1946, Brooklyn, NY

Peter Schilperoort – Clarinet, b.1919, The Hague, Netherlands

Ralph Sutton – Piano, b.1922 d. 2001, Hamburg, Missouri – After playing locally in Missouri he went on to play at Eddie Condon’s club in Greenwich Village and then in 1956 he moved to San Francisco. In SF he did several albums with Bob Scobey’s dixieland band, but worked mostly on his own from the 1960s onward. He was known as a “stride” pianist in the tradition of James P. Johnson and Fats Waller. He died in 2001 and was inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame in the following year.

Rasmus Riis (piano) – 1978

Thomas Reuben (guitar) – 1965

Willem Breuker – Dutch jazz bandleader, composer, arranger, saxophonist, and bass clarinetist, b.1944, Amsterdam, Netherlands – In 1967, with percussionist Han Bennink and pianist Misha Mengelberg, he co-founded the Instant Composers Pool (ICP), with whom he regularly performed until 1973. Since 1974 he has led the 10-piece Willem Breuker Kollektief, which performs jazz in a theatrical and often unconventional manner, drawing elements from theater and vaudeville. The book Willem Breuker Kollektief: Celebrating 25 Years on the Road was published by BVHaast in 1999 and includes two CDs. In 1998, Breuker was named Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw (Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion).

Willem Breuker (saxophone) – 1944

Willie Love – 1906