2 November

Arlene Bardelle (vocals) – 1959

Bunny Berigan – Trumpet, b.1908 d.1942, Hilbert, WI – He was an early, great jazz trumpeter. His range, virtuosity, and tone set standards by which all other trumpeters were judged. He was born Rowland Bernard Berigan in Hilbert, Wisconsin and raised in what he considered his hometown of Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Berigan was a musical prodigy, having learned the violin and trumpet at an early age. By his late teens, he was playing in local orchestras. Doctors also determined that Bunny was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and advised him to stop drinking and not resume playing the trumpet. He returned to New York City, and suffered a massive haemorrhage on May 30, 1942. Bunny died several days later in a hospital at the age of 33. Bunny Berigan left behind his wife, Donna, and two young daughters Patricia and Joyce.

Chris Burnett (sax, alto) – 1955

Chris Byars (saxophone) – 1970

Cristian Velez (percussion) – 1980

Ernest Dawkins (saxophone) – 1953

Frank Kimbrough (piano) – 1956

Frantic Turtle (vocals) – 1979

Gebhard Ullmann (saxophone) – 1957

Harry Babbitt – 1913
Herb Geller – Alto Sax, b.1928, Los Angeles, CA

Hugo Jacquet (guitar) – 1962

Iva Jean Ambush (vocals)

Jim Mullen – Guitar, b.1945, Glasgow, Scotland – He has a distinctive style, picking with the thumb rather than a plectrum. Jim Mullen began his musical life aged 8 playing “Tea-chest bass” in the neighbourhood skiffle group. He got his first guitar the same year, and when an older friend introduced him to jazz, he was hooked. His Website is at http://www.jimmullenjazz.co.uk/

Joe Ercole (piano) – 1951

Johnny Richards – Composer, Arranger, b.1911 b.1968, Mexico

Jonathan Poretz (vocals)

Kurt Elling (vocals) – 1967

Leanne Darling (viola) – 1968

Marco Marconi (piano) – 1975

Maxine Daniels – Vocal, b.1930 d.2003, London, England

Napoleon Revels-Bey (drums)

Phil Minton – Vocal – Trumpet, b. 1940, Torquay, England

Philip Wells Woods – Alto saxophonist, clarinettist, and composer, b. 1931, Woods was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, and studied music with Lonnie Tristano, who influenced him greatly, at the Manhattan School of Music and at The Juilliard School. His Website is at http://www.philwoods.com/

Phillip Smith (drums) – 1967

Rubim de Toledo (bass) – 1972

Rudy Van Gelder (producer) – 1924