15 November

Achille (Joseph) Baquet – Clarinet, b.1885 d.1956, New Orleans, LA

Aleksey Zubov – Tenor Sax, b.1936, Moscow, Russia

Ali Haurand – Bass, b.1943, Viersen, Germany

Altamease Nelson (vocals) – 1953

Anson Funderburgh – 1954

Claire Watling – Cape Town South Africa, Singer, actress

Clayton Love – 1927

Curtis Lowe – Baritone Sax, b.1919, Chicago, IL

Curtis Sylvester Sr Lowe – 1919

Dave Banks (trumpet) – 1956

Eddie Harvey – Trombone, b.1925, Blackpool, England

Edwin “Nepy” Maldonado (congas) – 1976

Gary Potter – 1965

Glenn E. Williams (piano) – 1970

Gus Johnson – Drums, b.1913 d.2000, Tyler, Texas

Jerome Richardson – Alto Sax, b.1920 d.2000, Sealy, Texas He was an American jazz musician, tenor saxophonist, and flute player, who also played alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet and piccolo. He played with Charles Mingus, Lionel Hampton, and later with Earl Hines’ small band. Richardson was born in Oakland, California and died in Englewood, New Jersey.

Jerrold Dubyk (sax, tenor) – 1973

Joe Hinton – 1929

Jon Miller (drums) – 1963

Kevin Tyrone Eubanks  – Guitar, b.1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – an American jazz guitarist who has been the leader of the Tonight Show Band with host Jay Leno since 1995. He played with Art Blakey, Roy Haynes, Slide Hampton, and Sam Rivers before starting to lead his own groups in 1983. Like his brother Robin Eubanks, a jazz trombonist, he has played on record with Dave Holland. – In 2005, Eubanks received an honorary doctorate degree from the Berklee College of Music, of which he is an alumnus. – He is known for his lingering, amused laughter following many of Leno’s sharper jokes, and for being a huge Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fan, which is often seen when he wears hats with their logos during shows. He is also known for having to stick his entire body into a giant tub of chunky soup when the Philadelphia Eagles lost the Superbowl. – Kevin Eubanks is an enthusiastic vegetarian, and promotes the vegetarian lifestyle as healthy. Leno commonly pokes fun at this on the show when jokes involve vegetables (such as in typos on supermarket flyers during the “Headlines” segment). – Many parodies have been made on such shows as The Simpsons that Eubanks is overly responsive to Leno’s jokes. People often criticize the fact that Eubanks laughs at all the jokes (while the Tonight Show drummer enthusiastically smacks the bass drum), whether they’re funny or not. A 1997 skit showed that the reason Eubanks regularly laughed at Leno’s jokes was because a feather was tickling the bottom of his foot. In recent episodes of The Late Show with David Letterman there have been video bits cut into the show of Eubanks’ famous response to Jay Leno’s jokes. When shown, Letterman and band leader Paul Shaffer look at each other in shock. His web site is at http://www.kevineubanks.com/

Mantovani – 1905

Marta Topferova (vocals) – 1975

Natalie Rungan – born in Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa, vocalist
Neil Swainson – 1955

Roland Guerin (bass) – 1968

Seldon Powell – 1928

Soisoi Gqeza – b.1925 Cape Town South Africa – Vocalist

Susie Ibarra (percussion) – 1970

Todd Horton (trumpet) – 1969

Tsakwe Ibrahim – b.1970 – New York

Tuti Fornari (piano) – 1966

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