1 November

Amro el bahrawi (piano) – 1964 Andre Nendza (bass, acoustic) – 1968 Andre Williams – 1936 Antonio Sanchez (drums) – 1971 Brian Bunker Trio (guitar) – 1978 Calvin Green (trombone) – 1965 Carmen Lundy – Jazz Vocalist, sister of bassist … Continue reading

2 November

Arlene Bardelle (vocals) – 1959 Bunny Berigan – Trumpet, b.1908 d.1942, Hilbert, WI – He was an early, great jazz trumpeter. His range, virtuosity, and tone set standards by which all other trumpeters were judged. He was born Rowland Bernard … Continue reading

3 November

Andy McGhee – Tenor Sax, b.1927, Wilmington, NC Azar Lawrence – Alto Sax, b.1953, Los Angeles, CA Chuck Walker (guitar) – 1971 Henry Grimes – Bass, b.1935, Philadelphia, PA Grimes trained at The Juilliard School, and established a reputation as … Continue reading

4 November

Adrian Laies (piano) – 1960 Ali Shadan (saxophone) – 1981 Carlos “Potato” Valdez – Percussion, b.1926, Havana, Cuba Chris Humphrey (vocals) – 1965 Dave Carpenter (bass) – 1959 David Arner (piano) – 1951 Delbert McClinton – 1940 Eddie Gomez – … Continue reading

5 November

Ben Markley (piano) – 1981 David Marama – Guitarist, he has a shared Tanzanian and Malawian heritage,now resident in Melborne, Australia Denise Jannah, real name: Denise Johanna Zeefuik, Vocalist b. 1956 in Paramaribo, largest city of Suriname. She lives and … Continue reading

6 November

Amos White – Cornet, b.1889, Kingstree, SC Andy Gibson – Trumpet, Arranger, b.1913 d.1961, Zanesville, OH Arturo Sandoval – Trumpet, b.1949, Artemesia, Cuba. Sandoval, while still in Cuba, was obsessed with bebop recordings by Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and Dizzy … Continue reading

7 November

Al Hirt – Trumpet, and bandleader.b.1922 d.1999, New Orleans, LA – Alois Maxwell Hirt, known as “Al” or “Jumbo”, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of a police officer. At the age of six, he was given his … Continue reading

8 November

Bertha Hope (piano) – 1936 Brandon Essex (bass) – 1980 Charles Sullivan – Trumpet, b.1944, New York, NY Chris Connor – Jazz Singer, b.1927, Kansas City, MO – Chris Connor is a known for her distinctive style and expression. Born … Continue reading

9 November

Alfredo Remus – Bass, b.1938, Buenos Aires, Argentina Antony Mwangi (vocals) – 1985 Bill Elgart (drums) – 1942 Brian Leake – Piano, b.1934 d.1992, South Wales Buzz Amato (keyboards) – 1953 Gerry Brown – 1951 Glenn Nolle (guitar) – 1956 … Continue reading

10 November

Paul Bley Piano, b.1932, Montreal, Que., Canada – He is a free jazz pianist born in Montreal, Canada in 1932 and long resident in the USA. His music characteristically features strong senses both of melodic voicing and space. As well … Continue reading

11 November

Joseph Aerts Drums, b.1903 d.1973, Antwerp, Belgium Mose Allison (John Mose Allison. Jr.) Piano, Vocal, b.1927, Tippo, MS An American jazz pianist and singer. His music has influenced many blues and rock artists including The Rolling Stones, John Mayall, JJ … Continue reading

12 November

Lou Blackburn Trombone, b.1922 d.1990, Rankin, PA “Buck” Wilbur Dorsey Clayton Trumpet, b.1911 d.1991, Parsons, Kansas An American jazz trumpet player, fondly remembered for being a leading member of Count Basie’s ‘Old Testament’ orchestra and leader of mainstream orientated jam … Continue reading

13 November

Adam Linsley (trumpet) – 1971 Alex Coke (reeds) – 1953 Ari Hoenig (drums) – 1973 Bennie Moten – Piano,Composer, Conductor, Leader, b.1894 d.1935, Kansas City, MO – Was a noted American jazz pianist and band leader. In 1929 he recruited … Continue reading

14 November

Art Hodes – Piano, b.1904 d.1993, Nikoliev, Ukraine – Arthur W. Hodes(born November 14, 1904 in the Ukraine; died March 4, 1993 in Harvey, Illinois) is an American jazz pianist born in the Ukraine. His family settled in Chicago, Illinois … Continue reading

15 November

Achille (Joseph) Baquet – Clarinet, b.1885 d.1956, New Orleans, LA Aleksey Zubov – Tenor Sax, b.1936, Moscow, Russia Ali Haurand – Bass, b.1943, Viersen, Germany Altamease Nelson (vocals) – 1953 Anson Funderburgh – 1954 Claire Watling – Cape Town South … Continue reading

16 November

Steve Arguelles Drums, b.1963, Crowborough, England Jim Bates Bass, b.1930, Boise, ID Dolo Coker Piano, b.1927 d.1983, Hartford, CT Albert Edwin Condon, Guitar, Banjo, b.1905 d.1973, Goodland, IN Better known as Eddie Condon, (16 November 1905–4 August 1973) was a … Continue reading

17 November

David Amram Composer-French Horn, b.1930, Philadelphia, PA An American composer, musician, and writer. His eclectic use of jazz, ethnic and folk music has led him to work with the likes of Thelonious Monk, Willie Nelson, Charles Mingus, Leonard Bernstein, and … Continue reading

18 November

Cindy Blackman Drums, b.1959, Yellow Springs, OH She an American jazz and rock drummer. She is most well-known for recording and touring with Lenny Kravitz. Blackman has recorded several straight-ahead jazz albums under her own name, and has performed with … Continue reading

19 November

Mark Caparone Trumpet, b.1973, San Luis Obispo, CA Tommy Dorsey Trombone, b.1905 d.1956, Shenandoah, PA Tommy Dorsey was a jazz trombonist and bandleader in the Big Band era. He is the younger brother of Jimmy Dorsey. Thomas Francis Dorsey, Jr. … Continue reading

20 November

Skeeter Best Guitar, b.1914 d.1985, Kinston, NC June Christy Vocal, b.1925 d.1990, Springfield, IL June Christy was an American Jazz singer popular in the 1950s. She started eventually gaining her fame when, in 1945, she became the vocalist for the … Continue reading

21 November

Al Baculis – Clarinet, b.1930, Montreal, QUE, Canada Al Daniels (piano) Alex Wilson (piano) – 1971 Alphonse Mouzon – Drums, b.1948, Charleston, SC – Alphonse Mouzon is the Chairman/CEO of Tenacious Records. He composes, arranges and produces, as well as … Continue reading

22 November

Alida Rohr (vocals) Andy Dudnick (sax, tenor) – 1955 Angela Strehli (vocals) – 1945 Anthony Michelli (drums) Bruno Macher (saxophone) – 1975 Burton Curtis Naidoo, b. 1980 KwaZulu-Natal – Pianist Cecil Scott – Clarinet, Saxophone, b.1905 d.1964, Springfield, OH Christian … Continue reading

23 November

Pete Allen Clarinet, b.1954, Newbury, Berkshire, England Ray Drummond Bass, b.1946, Brookline, Massachusetts Ray Drummond is a jazz bassist and teacher. He also has an MBA from Stanford University, hence his linkage to the Stanford Jazz Workshop. He can be … Continue reading

24 November

Bob Barnard Trumpet, b.1933, Melbourne, Australia Gary Boyle Guitar, b.1941, Patna, India Serge Chaloff Baritone Sax, b.1923 d.1957, Boston, MA Serge Chaloff was an American jazz baritone saxophonist, and the son of noted Boston piano teachers, Margaret Chaloff and Julius … Continue reading

25 November

Nat Adderly Cornet, b.1931 d.2000, Tampa, Florida Nathaniel Adderley Tampa, Florida was an American jazz cornetist who played in the hard bop and soul jazz genres. He was the brother of saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley. In the 1950s he worked … Continue reading

26 November

Amos Garrett – 1941 Art Themen – Tenor Sax, b.1939, Manchester, England – Art Themen  is a British jazz saxophonist (and orthopaedic surgeon). Themen was born on 26 November 1939 in Manchester. In 1958 he began his medical studies at … Continue reading

27 November

Adam Levy (guitar) – 1966 Angelo Branford (guitar) – 1965 Clifton Hyde (guitar, slide) – 1976 Daniel Bennett (saxophone) – 1979 Dave Howell (sax, tenor) – 1978 Dina Blade (vocals) – 1854 Ed Saindon (vibes) – 1954 Eddie South – … Continue reading

28 November

Gato Barbieri Tenor Sax, b.1934, Santa Fe Province, Argentina Leandro Barbieri better known as El Gato Barbieri (Spanish for “Barbieri the Cat”) is an Argentine jazz tenor saxophonist and composer who rose to fame during the free jazz movement in … Continue reading

29 November

Danny Alvin Drums, b.1902 d.1958, New York, NY Ed Bickert Guitar, b.1932, Hockfeld, MTB, Canada Edward Isaac “Ed” Bickert is a Canadian jazz guitarist. Youngest of his family, Bickert was born in Hochfield, Manitoba; his family (parents and 5 children) … Continue reading

30 November

Johnny Dyani Bass, b.1945 d.1986, East London, South Africa Johnny Mbizo Dyani was a South African jazz double bassist and pianist who played with such musicians as Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, David Murray and Leo Smith. He was born and … Continue reading