8 May

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg (guitar) – 1979

Dave Dickey (trombone)

Dave Hampton (drums) – 1949

Ernest Loring “Red” Nichols  – Cornet, b.1905 d.1965, Ogden, UT – Red was a United States jazz cornettist. Nichols was born in Ogden, Utah, the son of a music teacher. By the age of 12 he was playing cornet with his father’s brass band. He decided to take up the new style of music called jazz after hearing the phonograph records of the Original Dixieland Jass Band. In 1923 he moved east to perform with a band in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and (with a few tours of the midwest) made New York City his base throughout the 1920s and 1930s. He worked for various bandleaders including Paul Whiteman and Harry Reser and Henry Halstead., was a regular in the cooperative California Ramblers in addition to leading groups under his own name (often called Red Nichols & His Five Pennies), and of the band of his friend trombonist Miff Mole. Nichols became one of the busiest phonograph session musicians of his era, making hundreds of recording sessions of jazz and hot dance band music. He also played in several Broadway shows. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Nichols

Giles Hirst (producer) – 1966

Jack Bland – Guitar, b.1899, Sedalia, MO

Jane Stuart (vocals)

Jazzy Joe – 1968

Jerry Rusch – Trumpet, b.1943 d.2003, St. Paul, MN

Jon Regen (piano) – 1975

Jon Weiss (piano) – 1948

Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet) – 1964

Keith Jarrett – Piano, b.1945, Allentown, PA – Keith is an American pianist and composer. He is ethnically Hungarian and Irish. His career started with Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. Since the early 1970s he has enjoyed a great deal of success in both classical music and jazz, as a group leader and a solo performer. His improvisation technique combines not only jazz, but also other forms of music, especially classical, gospel, blues, and various ethnic-folk musics. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_jarrett

Leah Souza (vocals) – 1982

Mary Lou Williams – Piano, b.1910 d.1981, Pittsburgh, PA – Mary Lou was an American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger. She was born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a very young child she taught herself to play the piano (her first public performance was at the age of six). She became a professional musician in her teens. In 1930, she joined Andy Kirk’s Twelve Clouds of Joy, of which her first husband, saxophonist John Williams, was already a member, and became the band’s leading soloist, composer, and arranger. Williams contributed to the band book of most of the other swing bands too; for Benny Goodman she wrote “Roll ‘Em”. For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Lou_Williams

Meinrad Kneer (bass, acoustic) – 1970

Papa Bue (Arne) Jensen – Trombone, b.1930, Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Littman  – Drums, 1935, ?

Robert Johnson – b.1911, d.Aug 16, 1938 (was 27) HALL OF FAMER, Folk
Singer, Blues Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Father of Folk Blues

Thomas Nowotny (bass, acoustic) – 1963

Vasilic Nenad (bass, acoustic) – 1975

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