27 May

Dee Dee Bridgewater
Vocal, b.1950, Memphis, TN
She is an American Jazz singer. She is a two-time Grammy Award Winner, Tony Award Winner and Host of NPR’s Syndicated Radio show “JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater”. She is a United Nations Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Born Denise Eileen Garrett in Memphis, Tennessee, she grew up in Flint, Michigan. Her father, Matthew Garrett, was a jazz trumpeter and teacher at Manassas High School, and through his play, Denise was exposed to jazz early on. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dee_Dee_Bridgewater

Jock Carruthers
Baritone Sax, b.1910 d.1971, West Point, MO

Kenny Dennis
Drums, b.1930, Philadelphia, PA

Dis Disley
Guitar, b. 1931, Manitoba, Canada
William C. Disley (known as Diz Disley) is a Canadian/British jazz guitarist and graphic designer. He is best known for his jazz guitar playing, strongly influenced by Django Reinhardt, and for his collaborations with the violinist Stéphane Grappelli.

Disley was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada but was brought up in Wales and northern England. In his childhood, he learnt to play the banjo, but took up the jazz guitar at the age of 14, after hearing the playing of Django Reinhardt. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dis_Disley

Roy Harte
Drums, b.1924 d.2003, New York, NY

Zbigniew Jaremko
Tenor Sax, b.1946, Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland

Rufus Jones
Drums, b.1936 d.1990, Charleston, SC

Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis, Jr
Piano, b.1935, Chicago, IL
He is an American jazz and pop pianist and keyboardist. Lewis, drummer Isaac “Redd” Holt and bassist Eldee Young formed the Ramsey Lewis Trio. They started as primarily a jazz unit but after their hit, “The In Crowd”, in 1965 (the single reached fifth place on the pop charts, and the album second place) the trio concentrated more and more on pop material. Young and Holt left in 1966 to form the Young-Holt Trio and were replaced by Cleveland Eaton and Maurice White. White was replaced by Maurice Jennings in 1970. In the late 1970s an additional keyboard player was frequently added to the lineup. A contemporary version of “The In Crowd” was recorded for Lewis’ 2004 album, Time Flies. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramsey_Lewis

Albert Nicholas
Clarinet, b.1900 d.1973, New Orleans, LA

Niels-Henning Orsted-Pedersen
Bass, b.1946 d.2005, Osted, Denmark
He was a Danish jazz bassist known for his impressive technique and an approach that could be considered an extension of the innovative work of Scott LaFaro. The “great Dane with the never-ending name”, Pedersen was known simply as NHOP among many jazz fans. He was born in Osted near Roskilde, on the Danish island of Zealand. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels-Henning_Orsted_Pedersen

Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Piano, b.1963, Havana, Cuba
Rubalcaba is one of the most important pianists in jazz today. A prolific virtuoso and composer, he fuses Cuban and American influences into a powerful and innovative hybrid. Known for his command of the keyboard throughout the 1990s, his recent work has shown broader range as Rubalcaba has matured into arguably one of the most important living jazz pianists. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonzalo_Rubalcaba

Bud Shank
Alto Sax, b.1926, Dayton, OH
Shank is an American alto saxophonist. He also played flute in Stan Kenton’s Innovations in Modern Music Orchestra, The Zodiac, and in various session work. Bud Shank began with clarinet in Vandalia, Ohio, but had switched to saxophone before attending the University of North Carolina. In 1946 he worked with Charlie Barnet before moving on to Kenton and the West coast jazz scene. He also had a strong interest in what might now be termed world music. In 1962 Shank and Indian composer and sitar-player Ravi Shankar released Improvisations and began fusing jazz with Indian traditions. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bud_Shank

Chester “Little Bear” Zardis
Bass, b.1900, New Orleans, LA

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