3 March

Henry Allen, Sr.
Cornet, b.1877 d.1952, New Orleans, LA

Dag Arnesen
Piano, b.1950, Bergen, Norway

Barney Bigard
Clarinet, Tenor-sax, b.1906 d.1980, New Orleans, LA, of Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington

Hector Bingert
Tenor Sax, Flute, b.1944, Montevideo, Uruguay

Dupree Bolton
Trumpet, b.1929 d.1993, Oklahoma City, OK

Clark Burroughs
Vocal (Hi-Lo’s), b.1930, Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay Cooper
Sopranino Sax, b.1951, London, England

Fernand Coppieters
Piano, b.1905 d.1981, Brussels, Belgium

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis
Tenor sax, Jazz Musician, b.1921 d.3 Nov 1986

Jimmy Garrison
Bass, b.1934 d.1976, Miami, FL

Luis Gasca
Trumpet, b.1940 d.1997, Houston, TX

Pierre Michelot
Bass, b.1928 d.2005, St.Denis, France

Teruo Nakamura
Bass, b.1942, Tokyo, Japan

David Pritchard
Jazz, classical guitarist, b. 1949, group: Contraband: LP: Time and Space; solo: LPs: Lightyear, City Dreams, Air Patterns; author: Music for the Contemporary Guitarist, composer: Four Clockworks

Cliff Smalls
Piano, b.1918, Charleston, SC

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