28 March

Bill Anthony
Bass, b.1930, New York, NY

Sonny Bradshaw
Trumpet, b.1926, Kingston, Jamaica

Donald Brown
Piano, b.1954, Hernando, MS

Meredith D’Ambrosio
Piano, Vocal, b.1941, Boston, MA

Eric “Big Daddy” Dixon
Tenor Sax, b.1930 d.1989, New York, NY

Jack Free
Trombone, b.1932, London, England

Herbie Hall
Clarinet, b.1907, Reserve, LA

Ike Isaacs
Bass, b.1923 d.1981, Akron, OH

Thad Jones
Cornet, b.1923 d.1986, Pontiac, MI

Barry Miles
Keyboards, b.1947, Newark, NJ

Tete Montoliu
Piano, 1933 d.1997, Barcelona, Spain

Paul Whiteman
Bandleader, b.1890 d.1967, Denver, CO

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