25 March

“Sweet” Emma Barrett
Piano, b.1897 d.1983, New Orleans, LA

Percy Brice
Drums, b.1923, New York, NY

Albert Burbank
Clarinet, b.1902 d.1976, New Orleans, LA

Matt Catingub
Alto Sax, b.1961, Los Angeles, CA

Larry Gales
Bass, b.1936, New York, NY

Linton Garner
Piano, b.1915 d.2003, Greensboro, NC

Lonnie Hillyer
Trumpet, b.1940 d.1985, Monroe, GA

Pete Johnson
Piano, b.1904 d.1967, Kansas City, MO

Kitty Kallen
Vocal, b.1922, Philadelphia, PA

Bobby Militello
Alto Sax, b.1950, Buffalo, NY

Paul Motian
Drums, b.1931, Philadelphia, PA

Makoto Ozone
Piano, b.1961, Kobe, Japan

Johnny Pacheco
Flute, b.1935, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

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