19 March

Harry Babasin
Bass, b.1921, Dallas, TX

Buster “Leap Frog” Bennett
Reeds, b.1914 d.1980, Pensacola, FL

Jeri Brown
Vocal, b.1952, St. Louis, MO

Chris Brubeck
Bass, b.1952, Los Angeles, CA

York DeSouza
Piano, b.1913 d.1986, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Eliane Elias
Piano, b.1960, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Buster Harding
Arranger, b.1917 d.1965, Canada,

Bill Henderson
Vocal, b.1930, Chicago, IL

Mike Longo
Piano, b.1939, Cincinnati, OH

Doug Mettome
Trumpet, b.1925 d.1964, Salt Lake City, UT

Michele Rosewoman
Piano, b.1953, Oakland, CA

Curly Russell
Bass, b.1917 d.1986, New York, NY

Brian Rust
Discographer, b.1922, London, England

David Schnitter
Tenor Sax, b.1948, Newark, NJ

Keith Smith
Trumpet, b.1940, London, England

Gene Taylor
Bass, b.1929, Toledo, OH

Lennie Tristano
Piano, b.1919 d.1978, Chicago, IL

Joe Wick
Leader, b.1916, Siegburg, Germany

Lem Winchester
Vibes, b.1928, Philadelphia, PA

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