16 March

Kei Akagi
Piano, b.1953, Sendai, Japan

Sergey Belichenko
Drums, b.1947, Novosibirsk, Russia

Ruby Braff
Trumpet, b.1927 d.2003, Boston, MA

Tommy Flanagan
Piano, b.1930 d.2001, Detroit, MI

Jim Goodwin
Trumpet, b.1944, Portland, OR

Shelton Hemphill
Trumpet, b.1906 d.1959, Birmingham, AL

Bob Lessey
Guitar, b.1910, British West Indies

John Lindberg
Bass, b.1959, Detroit, MI

Vagif Mustafa-Zade
Piano, b.1940 d.1979, Baku, Azerbaijan

Junior Raglin
Bass, b.1917 d.1955, Omaha, NE

Leon Roppolo
Clarinet, b.1902 d.1943, Lutcher, LA

Brian Torff
Bass, b.1954, Hinsdale, IL

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