15 March

George Avakian
Producer, b.1919, Armavir, Russia

Raymond Boni
Guitar, b.1947, Toulon, France

Randy Brooks
Trumpet, 1918 d.1967, Sanford, ME

Vinnie Burke
Bass, b.1921, Newark, NJ

Spencer Clark
Bass Sax, b.1908, Baltimore, MD

“Chippie” Hill
Vocal, b.1905 d.1950, Charleston, SC

Harry James
Trumpet, Leader, b.1916 d.1983, Albany, GA

Joachim Kuhn
Piano, b.1944, Leipzig, Germany

Charles Lloyd
Tenor Sax, b.1938, Memphis, TN

Theo Uden Masman
Piano, b.1901 d.1965, Cirebon, Indonesia

Jimmy McPartland
Trumpet, b.1907 d.1991, Chicago, IL

Ugonna Okegwo
Bass, b.1962, London, England

Cecil Taylor
Piano, b.1929, New York, NY

Bob Wilbur
Clarinet, b.1928, New York, NY

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