8 June

Louis J. Aldebert, Vocal, Piano, b.1931, Ismailya, Egypt

Lou Black, Banjo, b.1901 d.1965, Rock Island, IL

Geoff Castle, Piano, b.1949, London, England

Kenny Clare, Drums, b.1929 d.1985, London, England

Erwin Lehn, Vibes, b.1919, Grunstadt, Germany

Billie Pierce, Piano, Vocal, b.1907 d.1974, Marianna, FL

Bill Rank, Trombone, b.1904 d.1979, Lafayette, IN

Charles Edward Smith, Writer, b.1904 d.1970, Thomaston, CT

Julie Tippetts (nee Driscoll), Vocal, b.1947, London, England

Bill Watrous, Trombone, b.1939, Middletown, CT

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