7 June

‘Speedy’ Nii Moy Acquaye – 1931

Anthony Ortega – Alto Sax, b.1928, Los Angeles, CA

Beryl Booker – Piano, b.1922 d.1978, Philadelphia, PA

Brian Owen (trumpet) – 1982

Dean Martin – b.1917, d.Dec 25, 1995 (was 78), Adult Contempo Singer, TV/Movie Actor, Variety Show Host, Comedian, b. in Steubenville, Ohio; That’s Amore; RN:Dino Crocetti; The Colgate Comedy Hour cohost w/ Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin Show, Half Nelson; America’s favorite drunk; Records: Volare, That’s Amore, Everybody Loves Somebody.

Don Murray – Clarinet, b.1904 d.1929, Joliet, IL

Ed Cuffee – Trombone, b.1902 d.1959, Norfolk, VA

Gene Porter – Reeds, b.1910, Pocahontas, MS

George Hirst – 1906

Glen Gray Knoblaugh – Bandleader, Saxophonist, b.1906, d.Aug 23, 1963 (was 57), Roanoke, IL

Greg Gottlieb (bass, acoustic) – 1983

Hans-Peter Krohn (guitar) – 1954

Hotep Idris Galeta -b.1941, d 3rd November 2010 at age 69, he was a South African jazz pianist and educator. His legal name at birth was Cecil Galeta, but according to local custom he was more commonly known as a child and young man as Cecil Barnard, his father’s first name being used instead of a last name. In his teens he played with some of the best jazz musicians in South Africa; Abdullah Ibrahim (then known as Dollar Brand) and Lamie Zukufu introduced him to bebop and hard bop. In 1961 he left South Africa clandestinely, following many other South African performers to the United Kingdom (severe restrictions on public gatherings following the Sharpeville massacre had made entertainment careers impossible for any but white artists, and the already poor quality of life for non-whites was deteriorating rapidly as apartheid became ever stricter). After a year in the United Kingdom he moved to the United States, where he remained till 1991, when he returned to South Africa following the collapse of apartheid. In the United States he played and recorded with Herb Alpert, John Handy, Bobby Hutcherson, Elvin Jones, Hugh Masekela, Jackie McLean, Mario Pavone, Joshua Redman, and Archie Shepp. Outside jazz he performed and recorded with David Crosby and the Byrds. In 1985, Jackie McLean invited him to teach at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford, where he taught until his return to South Africa. He continues to record, perform, and teach in South Africa. His teaching engagements have included four years on the faculty of the University of Fort Hare, the musical directorship of a national music education program for high schools, and co-ordination of music outreach programs in Cape Town.Including his performance and visiting lecturer schedules he is currently the Project Manager for the establishment of a school of jazz and a multi media audio visual production center at the University of Fort Hare’s new urban campus in the east coast South African city of East London in the Eastern Cape Province.

Ian Sinclair (piano) – 1976

John Turville (piano) – 1979

Johnny Clegg – b.1953, Singer/Guitarist, Songwriter, British, of Johnny Clegg & Savuka; AP says Oct 31; some say b. Oct 31, 1953 (is 57 in 2010)

Jon Balke (piano) – 1955

Larra Skye (vocals) – 1983

Mel Martin – Tenor Sax, b.1942, Sacremento, CA

Norberto Tamburrino (piano) – 1964

Paul Combs (saxophone) – 1946

Prince Robinson – Clarinet, b.1902 d.d.1960, Portsmouth, VA

Royce Campbell (guitar) – 1952

Roz Corral (vocals)

Tal Farlow – Guitar, b.1921 d.1998, Greensboro, NC

Tina Brooks – Tenor Sax, b.1932 d.1974, Fayetteville, NC

Todd Gordon (vocals) – 1958

Ulli Junemann (sax, alto) – 1967

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