3 June

Tom Brown
Trombone, b.1888 d.1958, New Orleans, LA

Ted Curson
Trumpet, b.1935, Philadelphia, PA

Carlos Franzetti
Piano, b.1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Al Harewood
Drums, b.1923, New York, NY

Grachan Moncur, III
Trombone, b.1937, New York, NY

Phil Nimmons
Clarinet, Composer, b.1923, Kamloops, Canada

Tatevik Oganesyan
Vocal, b.1955, Yerevan, Armenia

Carl Pruitt
Bass, b.1918, Birmingham, AL

Dakota Staton
Vocal, b.1932, Pittsburgh, PA

Bob Wallis
Trumpet, Vocal, b.1934, Bridlington, England

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