28 June

Aaron Alexander, drums – 1966

Adrian Rollini, Bass Sax, b.1904-1956, New York, NY

Arnold Shaw, Writer, b.1909-1989, New York, NY

Bobby White, Drums, b.1926, Chicago, IL

Camilla Sanders, vocals, – 1974

David Honeyboy Edwards, guitar, – 1915

Dennis Mellen, piano – 1956

Gene Traxler, Bass, b.1913, Chambersburg, PA

Grace Testani, vocals

Henry Turner, Bass, b.1904-1980, Quincy, FL

Herman Sherman, Saxophone, Clarinet, b.1923-1984, New Orleans, LA

Jesse Stacken (piano) – 1978

Jimmy Mundy, Tenor Sax, Arranger, b.1907-1983, Cincinnati, OH

Joe “Fox” Smith, Trumpet, b.1902-1937, Ripley, OH

John Lee, Bass, b.1952, Boston, MA

Julian Waterfall Pollack (piano) – 1988

Lisa Hearns, vocals

Magni Wentzel, 1945

Nick Drozdoff, trumpet – 1953

Pamela Ros, vocals – 1956

Patricia Adams, vocals

Pete Candoli, Trumpet, b.1923, Mishawaka, IN

Phil Flanigan, Bass, b.1960, Geneva, NY

Sherri Roberts, vocals

Steve Williamson Tenor Sax, b.1964, London, England

Tierney Sutton, vocals – 1963, Milwauke, Wisconsin, she is the leader of her own band and counts herself as one of the instruments in the band

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