26 June

Brian Abrahams
Drums, b.1947, Cape Town, South Africa

Joey Baron
Drums, b.1955, Richmond, VA

Eugen Cicero
Piano, b.1940, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Jimmy Deuchar
Trumpet, b.1930-1993, Dundee, Scotland

Georgie Fame
Vocal, Piano, 1943, Leigh, England

Teddy Grace
Vocal, b.1905-1992, Arcadia, LA

Dave Grusin
Piano, b.1934, Denver, CO

Ladislav Habart
Clarinet, b.1914, Trutnov, Bohemia

Don Lanphere
Tenor Sax, b.1928-2003, Wenatchee, WA

Ken Moule
Piano, Composer, b.1925-1986, Barking, England

Clarence Profit
Piano/Leader, b.1912-1944, New York, NY

Stewie Speers
Drums, b.1928-1986, Melbourne, Australia

Reggie Workman
Bass, b.1937, Philadelphia, PA

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