23 June

Alessandro Minetto (drums) – 1969

Allison Adams Tucker (vocals)

Angela Davis (saxophone) – 1985

Ben Paterson (piano) – 1982

Daniel Szabo (piano) – 1975

Dave Halverson (guitar, electric) – 1967

Debbie “The Delta Diva” Bivens (vocals) – 1963

Donald Harrison Alto Sax, b.1960, New Orleans, LA

Eddie Miller Tenor Sax, b.1911-1991, New Orleans, LA

Eli Robinson Trombone, b.1908-1972, Greenville, GA

Forrie Cairns – 1936

Francisco Medina (guitar) – 1982

George Russell Composer, Leader, b.1923, Cincinnati, OH

Hank Shaw Trumpet, b.1926, London, England

Helen Humes Vocal, b.1913-1981, Louisville, KY

Kate Paradise (vocals) – 1981

Lance Harrison Tenor Sax, b.1920, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Leee John (vocals) – 1953

Luther Thomas – 1950

Marcus Williams (trumpet) – 1964

Milt Hinton Bass, b.1910-2000, Vicksburg, MS

Nathan Abshire – 1913

Sahib Shihab Alto, Baritone Sax, b.1925, Savannah, GA

Tim Richards Piano, Composer, b.1952, London, England

Zeb Turner – 1915

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