22 June

Aline Vida (vocals)

Ben Pollack, Drums, Leader, b.1903-1971, Chicago, IL

Bernie McGann – 1937

Bobby DeLisle (bass) – 1988

Cal Green – 1937

Craig Russo (percussion) – 1963

David Floodstrand (vocals) – 1955

Ed “Milko” Wilson, Trombone, Leader, b.1944, Sydney, Australia

Eddie Prevost, Drums b.1942, Hitchin, England

Ella Johnson – 1923

Eumir Deodato, Arranger, Piano, b.1942, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Heikki Sarmanto (piano) – 1939

Hermeto Pascoal, Piano, b.1936, Lagoa da Canoa, Brazil

Julia Feldman (vocals) – 1979

Ken “Snake Hips” Johnson, Dancer, Leader, b.1917-1941, Georgetown, Guyana

Lem Davis, Alto Sax, b.1914-1970, Tampa, FL

Mark Isaacs (piano) – 1958

Maurizio “Bozorius” Bozzi (bass) – 1957

Maurizio Rolli (bass) – 1965

Melaine Douglas (sax, alto) – 1964

Ray Mantilla, Percussion, b.1934, New York, NY

Timothy Orr (drums) – 1967

Todd Anders Johnson (drums) – 1971

Willy Berking, Leader, b.1910-1979, Dusseldorf, Germany

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