18 June

Babe Russin, Tenor Sax, b.1911 d.1984, Pittsburgh, PA

Bennie Payne, Piano, Vocal, b.1907d.1986, Philadelphia, PA

Chris Golinski (drums) – 1982

Dennis Dotson, Trumpet, b.1946, Jacksonville, FL

Ferdinand Havlik, Clarinet, b.1928, Brno, Czechoslovakia

Hernan Hecht (drums) – 1975

Jerry McCain – 1930

Larry Thomas (bass, electric) – 1957

Lutz Templin, Tenor Sax, Leader, b.1901d.1973, Dusseldorf, Germany

Marc Smason (trombone) – 1951

Massimo Cavalli (bass) – 1969

Mat Mathews – 1924

Nicole Peyrafitte (vocals) – 1960

Paul McCartney (composer/conductor/leader) – 1942

Ray Bauduc, Drums, b.1906 d.1988, New Orleans, LA

Ray McKinley, Drums, Vocal, b.1910 d.1995, Fort Worth, TX

Rocky Gordon (sax, soprano)

Rudy Rutherford – 1924

Sammy Cahn (composer/conductor/leader) – 1913

Sara Martin, Vocal, b.1884 d.1955, Louisville, KY

Shane Allenger (vocals) – 1966

Sue Raney, Vocal, b.1940, McPherson, KS

Thore Swanerud, Piano, Vibes, 1919, Stockholm, Sweden

Toni Washington (piano) – 1965

TzeMan (keyboards) – 1962

William Hooker (drums) – 1946

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