17 June

Anita Brown (band/ensemble/orchestra) – 1959

Benny Krueger, Alto Sax, b.1899 d.1967, Newark, NJ

Chris Columbus, Drums, b.1902, Greenville, NC

Chuck Rainey, Guitar, b.1940, Youngstown, OH

Don Kirkpatrick, Piano, b.1905 d.1956, Charlotte, NC

Eric Plaks (piano) – 1974

Gene “Honey Bear” Sedric,Tenor Sax, b.1907 d.1963, St. Louis, MO
Gene Sedric – 1907

John Dierckx (guitar) – 1964

Lindsey Muir (vocals) – 1981

Lorenzo Holden, Tenor Sax, b.1924 d.1987, ?

Marc Brenken (piano) – 1973

Marzio Scholten (guitar) – 1982

Nailah (vocals)

Nick Buono – 1917

Ric DelNero (guitar, electric) – 1966

Ronnie Gleaves – 1923

Sam Wooding, Piano, Arranger b.1895 d.1995, Philadel

Scott Schmidt (trumpet) – 1992

Sing Miller, Piano, b.1914, New Orleans, LA

Terese Genecco (vocals) – 1965

Tom Varner, French Horn, b.1957, ?, NJ

Tony Adamo (vocals) – 1957

Tony Scott, Clarinet, b.1921, Morristown, NJ

Vladimir Tolkachev – 1951

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