16 June

Adelaide Ruble (vocals)

Al Dailey, Piano, b.1938 d.1984, Baltimore, MD

Al Viola, Guitar, b.1919, New York, NY

Albert Dailey – 1939

Anna Brooks (saxophone) – 1974

Bebe Barron (composer/conductor/leader) – 1925

Bess Durey (vocals) – 1981

Bjorn Wennas (guitar) – 1969

Bret Sexton (sax, alto) – 1974

Clarence Shaw, Trumpet, b.1926, Detroit, MI

Dominique Eade, Vocal, b.1959, Ruislip, Middlesex, England

Eli “Lucky” Thompson, Tenor Sax, b.1924 d.2005, Columbia, SC

Fredy Studer, Drums, b.1948, Lucerne, Switzerland

Gaea Schell (piano) – 1975

Hetty Kate (vocals)

Ivan Lins (keyboards) – 1945

Jack Radavich (bass) – 1953

Javon Jackson, Tenor Sax, b.1965, Carthage, MO

Jean-marie Corrois (drums) – 1961

Joe Thomas, Flute, Tenor Sax, b.1933, Newark, NJ

Kevin Dorsey (bass) – 1972

Kiko Loureiro (guitar) – 1972

Ljova and the Kontraband (various)

Lou Gare, Tenor Sax, b.1939, Rugby, England

Lucky Thompson (saxophone) – 1924

Marilyn Moore – 1931

Matt Erion (bass, acoustic) – 1968

Mike Baggetta (guitar) – 1979

Nolan Struck – 1940

Paul White (saxophone) – 1973

Ray Callender (trumpet) – 1979

Ryan Keberle (trombone) – 1980

Sergey (Anatolyevich) Kuryokhin, Piano, b.1964 d.1996, Murmansk, Russia

Tom Harrell, Trumpet, b.1946, Urbana, IL

Tom Malone, Trombone, b.1947, Honolulu, HI

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