15 June

Alix Combelle, Clarinet, b.1912 d.1978, Mantes, France

Allan Reuss, Guitar, b.1915, New York, NY

Andrew C. Kurcan (trombone) – 1983

Aron Burton – 1938

Charito (vocals)

Christopher Woitach (guitar) – 1962

Daniel Bruce (guitar) – 1976

Debra Dicembre (vocals) – 1966

Eric DiVito (guitar) – 1981

Erroll Garner, Piano, b.1921 d.1977, Pittsburgh, PA

Gail Thompson – 1958

Garrett Brown (drums) – 1984

George Christian Spanopoulos (guitar) – 1956

George Kawaguchi, Drums, b.1927 d.2003, Kyoto, Japan

Hannes Lingens (drums) – 1980

Hildegunn Gjedrem (vocals) – 1982

Jaki Byard, Piano, b.1922 d.1999, Worcester, MA

Jeannette Lambert (vocals)

Joe Abbatantuono (drums) – 1976

Joel S Feigenson – 1943

John Hart (guitar) – 1961

Johnny Stein, Drums, b.1891 or 1895 d.1962, New Orleans, LA

Jon Tutcher (trumpet) – 1987

Matt Chandler (guitar) – 1977

Mel Moore, Trumpet, b.1923, Chicago, IL

Miguel “Anga” Díaz (congas) – 1961

Nancy King (vocals) – 1940

Nasheet Waits (drums)

Paul Mares, Trumpet, b.1900 d.1949, New Orleans, LA

Ray Coleman – 1937

Rudy Bruder, Piano, b.1914, Brussels, Belgium

Stan Wrightsman, Piano, b.1910 d.1975, Gotebo, OK

Talcott Reeves, Banjo, Guitar, b.1904, Little Rock, AR

Tony Oxley, Drums, b.1938, Sheffield, England

Turk Van Lake, Guitar, b.1918 d.2002, Boston, MA

Vince Wallace (sax, tenor) – 1939

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