14 June

Al Boudreau – 2004

Alvin D Boudreau (drums) – 1940

Burton Greene, Piano, b.1937, Chicago, IL

Chuck Berghofer (bass) – 1937

Cliff Edwards (ukulele) – 1895

Darius Brubeck, Piano, Keyboards, b.1947, San Franciso, CA

Daryl Sherman, vocals ) – 1950

Dwan Bosman (saxophone) – 1974

Ezekiel Victor (piano) – 1989

Garland Green – 1942

Gary Husband, Drums, b.1960, Leeds, England

Janusz Stefanski, Drums, b.1946, Krakow, Poland

John Simmons, Bass, b.1918 d.1979, Haskell, OK

Johnny Rodgers Band (vocals) – 1974

Karl Marsh (sax, tenor) – 1959

Kenny Drew, Jr. (piano) – 1958

Loren Stillman (sax, alto) – 1980

Marcus Miller, Bass, b.1959, New York, NY

Nappy Lamare, Guitar, b.1907 d.1988, New Orleans, LA

Out to Lunch Quintet (band/ensemble/orchestra) – 1964

Pepsi Auer, Piano, b.1928, Munich, Germany

Pete Lemer, Piano, b.1942, London, England

Rod ‘Beachead’ Jeffery (vocals) – 1952

Scott Gwinnell (piano) – 1974

Sid Phillips, Clarinet, b.1902 or 1907 d.1973, London, England

Stanley Black – 1913

Tiit Paulus, Guitar, b.1945, Tallinn, Estonia

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