13 June

George Arvanitas, Piano, b.1931, Marseilles, France

Eddie Beal, Piano, b.1910 d.1984, Redlands, CA

Phil Bodner, Woodwinds, b.1919, Waterbury, CT

Buddy Catlett, Bass, b.1933, Long Beach, CA

Doc Cheatham, Trumpet, b.1905 d.1997, Nashville, TN

Harold Danko, Piano, b.1947, Sharon, PA

Charlie Elgar, Violin, b.1885 d.1973, New Orleans, LA

Clarence Hutchenrider, Clarinet, b.1908 d.1991, Waco, TX

Richard “Myknee” Jones, Piano, b.1892 d.1945, Barton, LA

Rudi Sehring, Drums, b.1930, Langen, Germany

Frank Strozier, Alto Sax, Flute, 1937, Memphis, TN

Edwin Swayze, Trumpet, b.1906 d.1935, Marshall, TX

Garland Wilson, Piano, b.1909-1954, Martinsburg, WV

Si Zentner, Trombone, Leader, b.1917 d.2000, New York, NY

Attila Zoller, Guitar, b.1927 d.1998, Visegrad, Hungary

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