11 June

Bob Gordon, Baritone Sax, b.1928 d.1955, St. Louis, MO

Nils Lindberg, Piano, Composer, b.1933, Uppsala, Sweden

Shelly Manne, Drums, b.1920 d.1984, New York, NY

Kaiser Marshall, Drums, b.1899 d.1948, Savannah, GA

Lajos Martiny, Piano, Leader, b.1912 d.1985, Budapest, Hungary

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Drums, b.1939, Elkton, IL

Hazel Scott, Piano, Vocal, b.1920 d.1981, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Clarence “Pine Top” Smith, Piano, Vocal, b.1904 d.1929, Troy, AL

Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Electric Bass, b.1956, Hempstead, NY

Maurice Vander(schueren), Piano, b.1929, Paris, France

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