1 June

Yolande Bavan Vocal, b.1940, She is a singer and actress. Born in Columbo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), she toured Australia and Asia as a performer with Graeme Bell’s band early in her career. She is best known for replacing Annie … Continue reading

2 June

Ronnie Bedford Drums, b.1931, Bridgeport, CT Pierre Favre Drums, b.1937, Neuchatel, Switzerland Favre is a Swiss jazz drummer and percussionist born in Le Locle, Switzerland, perhaps most noteworthy for his work with Irene Schweizer. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Favre_%28musician%29 … Continue reading

3 June

Tom Brown Trombone, b.1888 d.1958, New Orleans, LA Ted Curson Trumpet, b.1935, Philadelphia, PA Carlos Franzetti Piano, b.1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina Al Harewood Drums, b.1923, New York, NY Grachan Moncur, III Trombone, b.1937, New York, NY Phil Nimmons Clarinet, Composer, … Continue reading

4 June

Fred Baker Bass, b.1960, Tibshelf, England Alan Branscombe Piano, 1936 d.1986, Wallasey, England Anthony Braxton Alto Sax, Composer, b.1945, Chicago, IL Paquito D’Rivera Alto Sax, b.1948, Havana, Cuba Winard Harper Drums, b.1962, Baltimore, MD Morgana King Vocal, b.1930, Pleasantville, NY … Continue reading

5 June

Ben Bowen (trumpet) – 1976 Bobby Selvaggio (sax, alto) – 1969 Chantale Gagne (piano) – 1980 Dino Govoni (sax, tenor) – 1962 Emmett North Jr. (guitar) – 1947 Erica Lindsay (sax, tenor) – 1955 Esp – 1961 Francois Carrier (sax, … Continue reading

6 June

Al Grey – Trombone, b.1925, Middleburg or Aldie, VA Aram “Ilich” Khachaturian – b.1903, d.May 1, 1978 (was 74), Composer, Musician, Russian, Folk Bert Rechtschaffer (piano) – 1940 Butch Campbell (guitar) – 1954 Calvin Weston (drums) – 1959 Dave Matthews … Continue reading

7 June

‘Speedy’ Nii Moy Acquaye – 1931 Anthony Ortega – Alto Sax, b.1928, Los Angeles, CA Beryl Booker – Piano, b.1922 d.1978, Philadelphia, PA Brian Owen (trumpet) – 1982 Dean Martin – b.1917, d.Dec 25, 1995 (was 78), Adult Contempo Singer, … Continue reading

8 June

Louis J. Aldebert, Vocal, Piano, b.1931, Ismailya, Egypt Lou Black, Banjo, b.1901 d.1965, Rock Island, IL Geoff Castle, Piano, b.1949, London, England Kenny Clare, Drums, b.1929 d.1985, London, England Erwin Lehn, Vibes, b.1919, Grunstadt, Germany Billie Pierce, Piano, Vocal, b.1907 … Continue reading

9 June

Kenny Barron, Piano, b.1943, Philadelphia, PA Igor Bril, Piano, b.1944, Moscow, Russia Sanford Gold, Piano, b.1911, Cleveland, OH Mick Goodrick, Guitar, b.1945, Sharon, PA Jimmy Gourley, Guitar, b.1926, St.Louis, MO Mike Melillo, Piano, b.1939, Newark, NJ Les Paul, Guitar, b.1916, … Continue reading

10 June

Andy Blakeney, Trumpet, b.1898 d.1992, Quitman, MS David Goloshchokin, Flugelhorn, b.1944, Moscow, Russia Willie Lewis, Alto Sax, b.1905 d.1971, Cleburne, TX Chink Martin, Tuba/Bass, b.1886 d.1981, New Orleans, LA Punch “Kid Punch” Miller, Trumpet, b.1894 d.1971, Raceland, LA Guy Pedersen, … Continue reading

11 June

Bob Gordon, Baritone Sax, b.1928 d.1955, St. Louis, MO Nils Lindberg, Piano, Composer, b.1933, Uppsala, Sweden Shelly Manne, Drums, b.1920 d.1984, New York, NY Kaiser Marshall, Drums, b.1899 d.1948, Savannah, GA Lajos Martiny, Piano, Leader, b.1912 d.1985, Budapest, Hungary Bernard … Continue reading

12 June

Geri Allen, Piano, b.1957, Pontiac, MI Kent Carter, Bass, b.1939, Hanover, NH Chick Corea, Piano, b.1941, Chelsea, MA Al Fairweather, Trumpet, Leader, 1927 d.1993, Edinburgh, Scotland Emmett Hardy, Cornet, 1903- d.1925, Gretna, LA Jesper Lundgaard, Bass, b.1954, Hillerod, Denmark Giogio … Continue reading

13 June

George Arvanitas, Piano, b.1931, Marseilles, France Eddie Beal, Piano, b.1910 d.1984, Redlands, CA Phil Bodner, Woodwinds, b.1919, Waterbury, CT Buddy Catlett, Bass, b.1933, Long Beach, CA Doc Cheatham, Trumpet, b.1905 d.1997, Nashville, TN Harold Danko, Piano, b.1947, Sharon, PA Charlie … Continue reading

14 June

Al Boudreau – 2004 Alvin D Boudreau (drums) – 1940 Burton Greene, Piano, b.1937, Chicago, IL Chuck Berghofer (bass) – 1937 Cliff Edwards (ukulele) – 1895 Darius Brubeck, Piano, Keyboards, b.1947, San Franciso, CA Daryl Sherman, vocals ) – 1950 … Continue reading

15 June

Alix Combelle, Clarinet, b.1912 d.1978, Mantes, France Allan Reuss, Guitar, b.1915, New York, NY Andrew C. Kurcan (trombone) – 1983 Aron Burton – 1938 Charito (vocals) Christopher Woitach (guitar) – 1962 Daniel Bruce (guitar) – 1976 Debra Dicembre (vocals) – … Continue reading

16 June

Adelaide Ruble (vocals) Al Dailey, Piano, b.1938 d.1984, Baltimore, MD Al Viola, Guitar, b.1919, New York, NY Albert Dailey – 1939 Anna Brooks (saxophone) – 1974 Bebe Barron (composer/conductor/leader) – 1925 Bess Durey (vocals) – 1981 Bjorn Wennas (guitar) – … Continue reading

17 June

Anita Brown (band/ensemble/orchestra) – 1959 Benny Krueger, Alto Sax, b.1899 d.1967, Newark, NJ Chris Columbus, Drums, b.1902, Greenville, NC Chuck Rainey, Guitar, b.1940, Youngstown, OH Don Kirkpatrick, Piano, b.1905 d.1956, Charlotte, NC Eric Plaks (piano) – 1974 Gene “Honey Bear” … Continue reading

18 June

Babe Russin, Tenor Sax, b.1911 d.1984, Pittsburgh, PA Bennie Payne, Piano, Vocal, b.1907d.1986, Philadelphia, PA Chris Golinski (drums) – 1982 Dennis Dotson, Trumpet, b.1946, Jacksonville, FL Ferdinand Havlik, Clarinet, b.1928, Brno, Czechoslovakia Hernan Hecht (drums) – 1975 Jerry McCain – … Continue reading

19 June

Bertie King, Alto Sax, b.1912-1980?, Colon, Panama Billy Drummond (drums) – 1959 Bruno Laako, Alto Sax, b.1907, ?, (USA) Caroline Davis (vocals) – 1979 Chuck Berghofer, Bass, b.1937, Denver, CO Darren Barrett, Trumpet, b.1967, Manchester, England Dave Lambert, Vocal, b.1917-1966, … Continue reading

20 June

Alejandro Aviles (sax, alto) – 1976 Barry Chabala (guitar) – 1961 Bob Howard – 1906 Brian Wilson (composer/conductor/leader) – 1942 Carol Ettman – 1943 Dennis Budimir – 1938 Dennis Budimir, Guitar, b.1938, Los Angeles, CA Doc Evans, Cornet, b.1907-1977, Spring … Continue reading

21 June

AB+, French horn – 1960,  AB+ has performed and recorded with many of the world’s finest musicians including: Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Lenny Kravitz, Quincy Jones, Jim Hall, Michael Brecker, Gil Evans, McCoy Tyner and many others. He was one … Continue reading

22 June

Aline Vida (vocals) Ben Pollack, Drums, Leader, b.1903-1971, Chicago, IL Bernie McGann – 1937 Bobby DeLisle (bass) – 1988 Cal Green – 1937 Craig Russo (percussion) – 1963 David Floodstrand (vocals) – 1955 Ed “Milko” Wilson, Trombone, Leader, b.1944, Sydney, … Continue reading

23 June

Alessandro Minetto (drums) – 1969 Allison Adams Tucker (vocals) Angela Davis (saxophone) – 1985 Ben Paterson (piano) – 1982 Daniel Szabo (piano) – 1975 Dave Halverson (guitar, electric) – 1967 Debbie “The Delta Diva” Bivens (vocals) – 1963 Donald Harrison … Continue reading

24 June

Anaela (vocals) – 1979 Anthony Rodriguez (piano) – 1982 Bill Grah Vibes, b.1928, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Brian Gephart (saxophone) – 1958 Capt. John Handy Alto Sax, b.1900-1971, Pass Christian, MS Charlie Margulis Trumpet, b.1903-1967, Minneapolis, MN Christine Spero (piano) Clint … Continue reading

25 June

Joe Chambers Drums, b.1942, Stoneacre, VA Alby Cullaz Bass, b.1941, Boulogne, France Bobby Naughton Vibes, b.1944, Boston, MA Jean Roberts Tenor Sax, b.1908-1981, Brussels, Belgium Bill Russo Composer, Arranger, b.1928-2003, Chicago, IL Johnny Smith Guitar, b.1922, Birmingham, AL

26 June

Brian Abrahams Drums, b.1947, Cape Town, South Africa Joey Baron Drums, b.1955, Richmond, VA Eugen Cicero Piano, b.1940, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Jimmy Deuchar Trumpet, b.1930-1993, Dundee, Scotland Georgie Fame Vocal, Piano, 1943, Leigh, England Teddy Grace Vocal, b.1905-1992, Arcadia, LA Dave … Continue reading

27 June

Guy Berard Host of Jazz @ The Ten Spot, b.1941, Youngstown, Ohio Shad Collins Trumpet, b.1910-1978, Elizabeth, NJ Glenn Ferris Trombone, b.1950, Los Angeles, CA Elmo Hope Piano, b.1923-1967, New York, NY Jimmy Mclin Guitar, b.1908-1983, Brookesville, FL Robert Normann … Continue reading

28 June

Aaron Alexander, drums – 1966 Adrian Rollini, Bass Sax, b.1904-1956, New York, NY Arnold Shaw, Writer, b.1909-1989, New York, NY Bobby White, Drums, b.1926, Chicago, IL Camilla Sanders, vocals, – 1974 David Honeyboy Edwards, guitar, – 1915 Dennis Mellen, piano … Continue reading

29 June

Mousey Alexander Drums, b.1922-1988, Gary, IN Ralph Burns Piano, b.1922-2001, Newton, MA Gilberto Gil Guitar, b.1942, Salvador, Brazil Ken Hyder Drums, b.1946, Dundee, Scotland Ove Lind Clarinet, b.1926-1991, Stockholm, Sweden Julian Priester Trombone, b.1935, Chicago, IL Vladimir Tarasov Drums, b.1947, … Continue reading

30 June

Stanley Clarke Guitar, b.1951, Philadelphia, PA Wallace Davenport Trumpet, Leader, b.1925-2004, New Orleans, LA Andrew Hill Piano, b.1937, Chicago, IL Chris Hinze Flute, b.1938, Hilversum, Netherlands Lena Horne Vocal, b.1917, New York, NY Dean Reilly Bass, b.1926, Auburn, WA Harry … Continue reading

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