3 July

Ronnell Bright
Pianist, Songwriter, b.1930, Chicago, IL

Johnny Coles
Trumpet, b.1926 d.1997, Trenton, NJ

Ron Collier
Composer, b.1930 d.2003, Coleman, Canada

Pete Fountain
Clarinet, b. 1930, New Orleans, LA

Jerry Gray
Violin/Leader, b.1915 d.1976, East Boston, MA

John Klemmer
Tenor Sax, b.1946, Chicago, IL

Sakari Kukko
Tenor Sax, b.1953, Kajaani, Finland

Dick Robertson
Vocal, b.1903, New York, NY

Michel Ruppli
Discographer, b.1934, Coulommiers, France

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