27 July

Barbara Thompson, Saxophone, b.1944, Oxford, England
Bob Thiele, b.1922
Bobbie Gentry, b.1944
Maureen McGovern, b. 1949
Carl Grubbs, Alto Sax, b.1944, Philadelphia, PA
Charlie Queener, Piano, b.1923 d.1997, Pineville, KY
Charlie Shoemaker, Vibes, Band Leader, b.1937, Houston, TX
Deirdre Cartwright, Guitar, b.1956, London, England
Einar Iversen, Piano, Flute, b.1930, Mandal, Norway
Ernst “Erno” van Dohnanyi, b.1877 d.1960, Conductor, Composer, Pianist, Hungarian
Harvey Fuqua, pronounced FOO’-kwah; Bass Singer, Basso, Songwriter, Music Producer, b. 1929, The Moonglows lead
Jean Toussaint, Tenor Sax, b.1957, Lesser Antilles
Juan Llossas, Musician, b.1900 d.1957, Tango king
Karrin Allyson, Jazz Singer, b.1962

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