25 July

Alfredo Casella, b.1883 d.1947 Conductor/Composer, Pianist, Italian
Annie Ross, b.1930 Jazz Singer, of Hendricks Lambert & Ross, Mitcham, England
Charles Christian, Trombone, b.1885 d.1964, New Orleans, LA
Darnell Howard, Clarinet, 1895-1966, Chicago, IL
Don Ellis, b.1934 d.1978 Jazz Trumpeter, Bandleader, Composer, influential in 60s-70s, Los Angeles, CA
Fletcher Allen, Saxophone, b.1905, LaCrosse, WI
Gunter Lenz, Bass, b.1938, Franfurt am Main, Germany
Happy Caldwell, Tenor Sax, 1903-1978, Chicago, IL
Hugh “Shuggy” Watts, b.1941 Trombonist, of New Vaudeville Band
Jef Gilson, Piano, b.1926, Quievreux, France
Johnny Hodges, b.1907 d.1970, Alto-sax, Soprano-sax, w/ Duke Ellington’s band; NN: Rabbit or Jeep; Cambridge, MA
Johnny Wiggs, Cornet, 1899-1977, New Orleans, LA
Roy Jr. Acuff, b. 1943, Music Figure

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