20 July

Adrian Tilbrook;
Drums, b.1948, Durham, England

Arnold Fishkin;
Bass, b.1919 d.1999, Bayonne, NJ

Bill Dillard;
Trumpet, b.1911 d.1995, Philadelphia, PA

Carlos Santana;
Rock & Roll Singer, Rhythm Guitarist, Bandleader, Composer, Mexican, Rock & Jazz-Fusion; b.1947, Santana lead, Paper Lace, Tiajuana, Mexico

Charles Tyler;
Baritone Sax, b.1941, Cadiz, KY

Ernie Wilkins;
Jazz Saxophonist, Composer/Arranger, b.1922 d.1999, Reeds, St. Louis, MO

Joachim-Ernst Berendt;
Producer/Critic, b.1922, Berlin, Germany

John Almond;
Saxophone, b.1946, Enfield, England

Gloria Wood;

Sally Ann Howes;

Karel Krautgartner;
Clarinet, b.1922 d.1982, Mikulov, Czechoslovakia

Peter Ind;
Bass, b.1928, Uxbridge, England

Teddy Kleindin;
Clarinet, b.1914, Berlin, Germany

Theda Bara;
Movie Actress, b. 1890 d.1955, born in Cincinnatti; 1st “Vamp” star; RN: Theodosia Goodman;
Cleopatra; some say b. July 29 or d. Apr 13

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