19 July

Bobby Bradford;
Cornet, b.1934, Cleveland, MS

Buster Bailey;
Clarinet, b.1902 d.1967, Memphis, TN

Carmell Jones;
Trumpet, b.1936 d.1996, Kansas City, MO

Charlie Teagarden;
Jazz Trumpeter, 1913 d.1984, Jack’s brother, Vernon, TX

Cliff Jackson;
Piano, b.1902 d.1970, Culpepper, VA

David Allyn;
Vocal, b.1923, Hartford, CT

Dick Collins;
Trumpet, b.1924, Seattle, WA

Didier Levallet;
Bass, b.1944, Arcy-sur-Cure, France

Eddie Brunner;
Tenor Sax, b.1912 d.1960, Zurich, Switzerland

Ernie Shepard;
Bass, b.1916 d.1965, Beaumont, TX

Kenny Graham;
Alto Sax, b.1924, London, England

Phil Upchurch;
Guitar, b.1941, Chicago, IL

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