17 July

Danny Bank
Baritone Sax, b.1922, New York, NY

George Barnes
Guitar, b.1921 d.1977, Chicago Heights, IL

Nick Brignola
Baritone Sax, b.1936 d.2002, Troy, NY

Fud Candrix
Tenor Sax, b.1908 d.1974, Tongeren, Belgium

Ray Copeland
Trumpet, b.1926 d.1984, Norfolk, VA

Eddie Dougherty
Drums, b.1915, New York, NY

Margie Evans
Vocal, b.1941, Shreveport, LA

Chico Freeman
Tenor Sax, b.1949, Chicago, IL

Vince Guaraldi
Piano, b.1928 d.1976, San Francisco, CA

Abe Laboriel
Bass, b.1947, Mexico City, Mexico

Jerry Lloyd
Trumpet, b.1920, New York, NY

Wilfred Middlebrooks
Bass, b.1933, Chattanooga, TN

Joe Morello
Drums, b.1928, Springfield, MA

Sonny Morgan
Percussion, b.1936, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Osborne
Guitar, b.1921 d.1992, Minot, ND

Ben Riley
Drums, b.1933, Savannah, GA

Jack Washington
Baritone Sax, b.1910 d.1964, Kansas City, KS

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