10 July

Ivie Anderson
Vocal, b.1905 d.1949, Gilroy, CA

Milt Buckner
Organ/Piano, b.1915d.1977, St.Louis, MO

Dick Cary
Piano, b.1916d.1994, Hartford, CT

Buddy Clark
Bass, b.1929, Kenosha, WI

Bruce Fowler
Trombone, b.1947, Salt Lake City, UT

Major Holley
Bass, b.1924 d.1990, Detroit, MI

Arnie Lawrence
Alto Sax, b.1938 d.2005, New York, NY

Lee Morgan
Trumpet, b.1938 d.1972, Philadelphia, PA

Brian Priestley
Piano/Writer, 1946, Manchester, England

Noble Sissle
Leader/Vocal, b.1889 d.1975, Indianapolis, IN

Cootie Williams
Trumpet, b.1911 d.1985, Mobile, AL

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