7 January

Al Bowlly – Vocalist, b.1898 d.1941, Laurenco Marques, Mozambique

Arthor von Blomberg (drums) – 1956

Bob Jenkins – 1916

Chano Pozo (Luciano Gonzales) – Drummer, Dancer, Singer, Composer, Bongo and Conga, b.1915 d.1948, Matanzas, Cuba

Danny Williams – Singer, b.1942, South African, White On White; Karate instructor, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Dave Schildkraut – Alto Saxophone, b.1925 d.1998, New York, NY

David Freeman (saxophone) – 1974

David Longoria (trumpet) – 1971

Don Payne – 1933

Donald Payne – Bass, b.1933, Wellington, TX

Eldee Young – Cellist, Bassist, b.1936, of Holt Unlimited, Ramsey Lewis Trio
Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Cotton – Blues Singer; b. 1892 d.????

George Kahn (piano) – 1952

Haywood Henry – Baritone Saxophone, b.1913 d.1994, Birmingham, AL

Henry “Red” Allen – Trumpet, Singer, b.1908 d.1967, New Orleans, LA

Horry King, Reeds – b.1925, Perth, Australia

Jean-Pierre Rampal – Flutist, b.1922 d.2000, worked with Claude Bolling,  French

Joanna Rios (vocals) – 1949

John Coliann – Piano, b.1963, Paterson, NJ

Jon Larsen (guitar, acoustic) – 1959

Jose R. Duque (drums) – 1968

Jose-Miguel Yamal (piano) – 1978

Keg Purnell – Drums, b.1915 d.1965, Charleston, WV

Kenny Davern – Clarinet, b.1935 d.2007, Huntington, NY

Leona Williams – 1943

Manuel Engel (piano) – 1976

Paul Anderson (piano) – 1989

Rodger Fox (trombone) – 1953

Sam Woodyard – Jazz Performer, Drummer, b.1925 d.1988, of Duke Ellington band, Elizabeth, NJ

Shintemirov (sax, alto) – 1974

Steve Williams (drums) – 1956

Tommy Johnson (tuba) – 1935

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