6 January

Adam Larson (saxophone) – 1990

Alex Jacquemin (guitar, electric) – 1971

Alex Maguire – Piano, Composer, b.1959, London, England

Ananda Gari (drums) – 1984

Barry Altschul – Jazz Drummer, b.1943, New York, NY

Bobby Stark – Trumpeter, b.1906 d.1945, of the Chick Webb band in 1930’s, New York, NY

Bruno Henrikson – Piano, Leader, b.1910 d.1984, Copenhagen, Denmark

Chris Laurence – Bass, b.1949, London, England

Christine Tobin (vocals) – 1963

Danny Moore – Trumpet, b.1941, Waycross, GA

Don Sickler – Trumpet, 1944, Spokane, WA

Emil Weiss (guitar, steel) – 1946

Georgia Mancio (vocals) – 1972

Harvey Silver – Piano, b.1917, Toronto, ON, Canada

Jack Varney – Piano, b.1918, Melbourne, Australia

Jacques Bolognesi – Trombone, b.1947, Gap, France

Jean-Paul Celea – 1951

Jim Armstrong (guitar) – 1948

John Burch – Piano, b.1932, London, England

John Burchell – 1932

John Paul Celea – Bass, b.1951, Philippville, Algeria

Karen Gold (vocals)

Keith Christie – Trombone, b.1931 d.1980, Blackpool, England

Keith Sterling – Trumpet, b.1938 d.2003, Melbourne, Australia

Kim Wilson – 1951

Lee Abrams – Jazz Drummer, b.1925 d.1992, New York, NY

Louis DeVries – Trumpet, b.1905 d.1935, Groningen, Netherlands

Maria Wanted (drums) – 1986

Maurice Brown (trumpet) – 1981

Paisley Ramirez (saxophone) – 1965

Paolo Conte – 1937

Rent Romus (sax, alto) – 1968

Sylvia Syms – Jazz, Pop Singer, English, saloons; b.1918 d.1992, sang Hello
Dolly, Dream Girl, Them There Eyes.

Van McCoy – Pianist, Music Producer, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Songwriter, Singer, sessionist; b.1944 d.1979, The Hustle; some say 1940

Vernon Brown – Trombone, b.1907 d.1979, Venice, IL

Wagg Rincon (guitar) – 1958

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