3 January

Al Belletto – Alto Saxophone, b.1928, New Orleans, LA

B.J. Jansen (sax, baritone) – 1981

Brian Smith – Saxophone, Flute, b.1939, Wellington, NZ

Brian T Collins (piano) – 1968

Christine Rosholt (vocals) – 1965

Christopher Hollyday (saxophone) – 1970

Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio (piano) – 1955

Colin Dean (bass) – 1984

Ernest Clayton Wright (piano) – 1955

Fred Rich – Piano, Leader, b.1898 d.1956, Warsaw, Poland

Geezil (Harold) Minerve – Alto Sax, b.1922 d.1992, Havana, Cuba

Harold Minerve – 1922

Herbie Nichols – Pianist, Composer, b.1919 d.1963

Ian Hunter-Randall – Trumpet, b.1938, London, England

James Carter – Tenor Sax, b. 1969, Detroit, MI

Joe Haider – Piano, b.1936, Darmstadt, Germany

Joel Hopkins – Blues Musician, b.1904 d.1975, Sam Lightnin’s brother

John Jenkins – Alto Saxophone, b.1931, Chicago, IL

Julia Thomas (trumpet) – 1964

Kevin Brady (drums) – 1975

Maxine Andrews – Singer, b.1916 d.1995, La Verne & Patty’s sis; of The Andrews sisters, Minneapolis, MN

Michael John Kerley (sax, alto) – 1951

Michael Tomlinson (guitar, acoustic) – 1953

Motohiko Hino – Drums, b.1946 d.1999, Tokyo, Japan

Musa Kaleem, – Tenor Saxophone, b.1921, Wheeling, WV

Noel Crow – Clarinet, Leader, b.1938, Somerville, Australia

Paul D. Scott (piano) – 1957

Preston Jackson – Trombone, b.1902 d.1983, New Orleans, LA

Ron English (guitar) – 1941

Sir George Martin – Hall of Famer, Music Producer, Arranger, English, A&R exec; b.1926 The Beatles & others

Trudy Kerr – 1963

Victor Borge – Actor, Comedian, Pianist, Humorist, Variety Show Host, Conductor, b.1909 d.2000, Denmark, b. in Copenhagen; NN: Unmelancholy Dane; RN: Borge Rosenbaum; own TV show; The Danish Noel Coward

Walter Johannes Damrosch – Conductor, Composer, b.1862 d.1950, Prussian

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