29 January

Albert Snaer – Trumpet, d.1902 d.1962, New Orleans, LA

Arnold Ross – Piano, b.1921 d.2000, Boston, MA

Bettye LaVette – b.1946, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Bobby Scott – b.1937, Jazz Singer, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Teacher, hit:Chain Gang, composed A Taste Of Honey for Herb Alpert

Bobby Z (keyboards) – 1938 Dave Young – b.1940 Candian Bass player

Derek Bailey – Guitar, b.1932 d.2005, Sheffield, England

Don Shirley – Piano, b.1927, Kingston, Jamaica

Earl Watkins – Drums, b.1920, San Franciso, CA

Ed Shaughnessy – Drums, b.1929, Jersey City, NJ

Eddie Taylor (guitar, electric) – 1923

Franco Cerri – Guitar, Bass, b.1926, Milan, Italy

Frank Assunto – Trumpet, b.1932 d.1974, New Orleans, LA

Fred Ramsey – Writer, Producer, b.1915, Pittsburgh, PA

Frederick Delius – Composer, b.1862 d.1934, English

Jack Sels – Tenor Sax, b.1922 d.1970, Antwerp, Belgium

James Jamerson (bass, electric) – 1938

Jeanne Lee – Vocal, b.1939 d.2000, New York, NY

Jeffery Clyne – Bass, b.1937, London, England

Joan Shaw – Vocal, b.1930, Newport News, Va

John Smiles (guitar, 8-string) – 1992

Jonny Lang – Blues Guitarist, b.1981

Leadbelly – b.1889?,  d.Dec 6, 1949 (was 60), HALL OF FAMER, Folk Singer, Blues Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, RN:Huddie William Ledbetter; no source knows for sure when he was born; he influenced many folk and blues artists; NN:The King Of The 12 String Guitar Players; some say b. Nov 20, 1885, or b. Jan 20, 1889

Marc Cary – Piano, b.1967, New York, NY

Marcos Neves (guitar, acoustic) – 1968

Matt Nisbet (bass) – 1955

Michael O’Brien (bass, acoustic) – 1975

Noel Lorica (guitar, acoustic) – 1968

Paul Gayten – 1920

Peter Van Siclen (saxophone) – 1984

Phil Bancroft – 1967

Robert Hall – Clarinet, b.1889 d.?, Reserve, LA

Ronen Shmueli (piano) – 1987

Sacha Distel – Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, b.1933 d.2004, Paris, France

Salena Jones (vocals) – 1944

Sam Sherry (bass, acoustic) – 1961

Spyn Reset (band/ensemble/orchestra) – 1989

Steve Reid (drums) – 1944

Tom Bancroft (drums) – 1967

Ulysses Livingston – Guitar, b.1912, Bristol, TN

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