24 January

Aaron Neville – b.1941, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Keyboardist, Songwriter, b. in New Orleans, LA; of The Neville Brothers

Ann Cole – 1934

Austin Archer (sax, tenor) – 1991

Avery Parrish – Pianist, Songwriter, b.1917 d.1959, Birmingham, AL

Bob Degen – Piano, b.1944, Scranton, PA

Bobby Pratt – 1927

Bobby Scott – Piano, b.1937, Bronx, NY

Bobby Wellins – Tenor Sax, b.1936, Glasgow, Scotland

Carlo Farinelli – Opera Soprano, b.1705 d.1782, Italian, castrated to preserve the high tones in his voice

Duane Eubanks (trumpet) – 1969

Ed Dennis (drums) – 1945

Gottfried Von Einem – Composer, b.1918 d.1996

Guitar Shorty (guitar) – 1923

Igor OGOGO Grigoriev (guitar)

Jaime Austria (bass, acoustic) – 1947

James Kok – Leader, b.1902 d.1976, Cernauti, Romania

Jimmy Forrest – Tenor-sax, Bandleader, b.1920 d.1980, St. Louis, MO

Joao Hasselberg (bass, acoustic) – 1986

Joe Albany – Pianist, Songwriter, b.1924 d.1988, Atlantic City, NJ

Johnny B. Moore – 1950

Julian “Jools” Holland – b.1955, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, British, of Squeeze; AP says b. 1958; some say b. Jan 24, 1958 (is 53 in 2011)

Julius Hemphill – Tenor Saxophone, b.1938 d.1995, Fort Worth, TX

Lennie McBrowne – Drums, b.1933, New York, NY

Marcus Printup – Trumpet, b.1967, Conyers, GA

Michelle Nicolle (vocals) – 1969

Mick Mulligan,  – Trumpet, b.1928, Harrow, England

Mitchel Forman (piano) – 1956

Muzio Clementi – Pianist, Songwriter, b.1752 d.1832

Nancy Marano (vocals)

RJ Sumingsang Saway (guitar, electric) – 1992

Tanel Ruben (drums) – 1970

Theopolis Peoples b.1961, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Tiny Winters – Bass, b.1909 d.1996, London, England

Tuts Washington (piano) – 1907

Vance Kelly – 1954

Will Batts – 1904

Esperanza Spalding

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