20 January

Jeff Andrews
Bass, b. 1960, Baltimore, MD

Ray Anthony
Bandleader, Variety Show Host, Trumpeter, Songwriter, b.1922, resembled Cary Grant; own TV show; RN: Raymond Antonini, Bentleyville, PA

Jimmy Cobb
Drummer, b.1929, Washington, DC

Riccardo Del Fra
Bass, b.1956, Rome, Italy

Chuck Domanico
Bass, b.1944, Chicago, IL

Earl Grant
Pianist, Organist, Singer and played other instruments, b.1931 d.1970

James Genus
Bass, b.1966, Hampton, Virginia

Connie Haines
(Yvonne Marie Jamais) Vocal, b.1922, Savannah,GA

Antoine Herve
Piano, Composer, b.1959, Paris, France

Jimmy Johnson
Drums, b.1930, Philadelphia, PA

HALL OF FAMER, Folk Singer, Blues Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, b.1889 d.1946, RN: Huddie William Ledbetter; no source knows for sure when he was born; he influenced many folk and blues artists; NN: The King Of The 12 String Guitar Players; some say b. Nov 20, 1885, or b. Jan 29, 1889

Bill LeSage
Piano, Vibes, b.1927 d.2001, London, England

Jorge Navarro
Piano, b.1940, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valery Ponomarev
Trumpet, b. 1943, Moscow, Russia

Andy Sheppard
Tenor Sax, Flute, b.1957, Warminster, England

Giovanni Tommaso
Bass, b.1941, Lucca, Italy

Jeff “Tain” Watts
Drums, b.1960, Pittsburgh, PA

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