2 January

Alejandro Hurtado (drums) – 1984

Andy Fiddes (trumpet) – 1975

Ari Brown – Tenor Sax, b.1944, Chicago, IL

Arthur Prysock  – Blues-Jazz Vocalist, Baritone b.1923 d.1997, Spartenburg, SC

Bob Laine – 1910

Bobby Lee (keyboards) – 1976

Chick Churchill – Keyboardist, Organist, b.1949, British, of Ten Years After; some say b. 1942

Cristian Amigo (guitar) – 1963

Curt Sheller (guitar) – 1954

David Arthur Skinner (piano) – 1980

Dennis Coffey – 1927

Dick Feller b.1943 Singer, Songwriter

Fernandez (guitar) – 1978

Frank Marocco (accordion) – 1931

Henry Goodwin – Trumpet, b.1910 d.1979, Columbia, SC

Isao Suzuki – Bass, b.1946, Tokyo, Japan

James L. Guter (sax, tenor) – 1939

James Melton – Tenor, Opera Singer, b.1904 d.1961, sang La Traviata popular on radio, records, movies in 20-30s

John Litzenberg (bass, electric) – 1965

John McLevy – Trumpet, b.1927, Dundee, Scotland

Judd Proctor – 1933

Julius LaRosa – Crooner, Actor, Radio Disc Jock, Soap Actor, b. 1930 in Brooklyn; Fired live on the air during Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, Another World, Julius LaRosa Show sang Anywhere I Wander, Eh Cumpari, movie: Let’s Rock; DJ: WNEW, NYC

Little Smokey Smothers – 1939

Naomi Taylor (vocals) – 1967

Nick Fatool – Drums, b.1915 d.2000, Milbury, MA

Noah Jarrett (bass, acoustic) – 1978

Renata Tebalbi  – Opera Soprano, Italian, b. 1922 d.2004, born in Pesaro

Ron Falson – Trumpet, b.1928, Sydney, Australia

Sir Michael Tippett – Composer, Conductor, Eb.1905 d.1998, English, His works include, King Priam String Quartet No. 1, A Child of Our Time, The Midsummer Marriage, Fourth Symphony, The Mask of Time, The Rose Lake; writer: Those Twentieth Century Blues [autobiography], Tippett on Music, Caliban’s Song

Tom Fahy (piano) – 1971

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