17 January

Billy Harper – Tenor Saxophone, b.1943, Houston, TX

Bob Zurke – Piano, b.1912 d.1944, Detroit, MI

Brant Grieshaber (guitar) – 1975

Brenda Patchel (keyboards)

Carl Testa (bass, acoustic) – 1984

Cedar Walton – Piano, b.1934, Dallas, TX

Cyrus Chestnut – Piano, b.1963, Baltimore, MD

Eartha Kitt – TV/Movie Actress, Singer, Dancer, b.1927, born in North, S.C.; Batman’s Catwoman; Boomerang; sang Santa Baby and C’est Si Bon; Some college students recently discovered her birth certificate and showed it to her. She said she had given herself the birthdate of January 26, 1928 because she never knew her actual date of birth until she saw the certificate. Her real birthdate is January 17, 1927.

George Handy – Arranger, Composer, b.1920 d.1997, New York, NY

Gianni Insalata (drums) – 1974

Harry F. Reser – Bandleader, Banjoist, Director, b.1896 d.1965, Sammy Kaye Show regular, Piqua, OH

Harry Hines – 1898

Ian Anthony (bass, electric) – 1969

Isaac ben Ayala (piano) – 1969

Issei Igarashi – Trumpet, b.1965, Kitami, Japan

Jeff Berlin – Bass, b.1953, New York, NY

Jeremy Yaddaw (drums) – 1982

John Costa – Piano, b.1922 d.1996, Arnold, PA

Joshua Manchester (percussion) – 1975

Kazumasa Akiyama – Guitar, b.1955, Tokyo, Japan

Larry Sonn – Trumpet, b.1924, Long Island, NY

Lello Molinari (bass, acoustic) – 1962

Luca Bonvini (trumpet) – 1960

Matt Marantz (saxophone) – 1986

Morris “Fruit” White – Guitar, Banjo, b.1911, St. Louis, MO

Paul Rishell – 1950

Ray Vanderby (piano) – 1953

Scott Anderson (trumpet) – 1975

Sherry Hackney Cade (arranger) – 1963

Sidney “Big Sid” Catlett – Jazz Musician, Drummer, b.1910 d.1951, Evansville, IN

Ted Dunbar – Guitar, b.1937 d.1998, Port Arthur, TX

Tomchess (various)

Tommy Reynolds – Clarinet, b.1916, Akron, OH

Vido Musso – Saxophonist, tenor sax, b.1913 d.1982

Yuriy Galkin (bass, acoustic) – 1982

Yves Robert – Trombone, b.1958, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Zeki Caglar Namli (multi-instrumentalist) – 1981

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