15 January

Alan Lomax (producer) – 1915

Annette Neuffer (trumpet) – 1966

Artie Shapiro – Bass, b.1916, Denver, CO

Baikida Carroll – Trumpet, b.1947, St. Louis, MO

Bill Murk (violin) – 1955

Bob Maize – Bass, b.1945 d.2004, San Diego, CA

Buddy Banks – Bass, b.1927, St. Thomas, On, Canada

Captain Beefheart: 1941=d.Dec 17, 2010 (was 69) – Rock & Roll Singer, Painter, Rock & Roll Musician, RN:Don Van Vilet; of Frank Zappa’s MOI band, Capt. Beefheart and his Magic Band lead

Dick Lammi – Bass, Tuba, b.1909 d.1970, Red Lodge, MT

Dr. Leo Casino (saxophone) – 1950

Earl Hooker – Blues Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Drummer, Harmonicaist, Keyboardist, b.1930 d.1971, John Lee’s cousin

Eddie East (vocals) – 1960

Edward ‘Buddy’ Banks – 1927

Gene Krupa – Jazz Musician, Bandleader, Drummer, b.1909 d.1973, with the Benny Goodman orchestra, Yonkers, NY
Greg Boland (guitar) – 1955

Henry Burr – Tenor, Stage Actor, b.1882 d.1941, Canadian, NN: Dean of Ballad Singers; RN: Harry H. McClaskey; big star 1890-1930 era; of the Peerless Quartet, soloist

Ivor Novello – Songwriter, Dramatist, Playwright, Actor, Director, Composer, b.1893 d.1951 (was 58), Wales

Jerry Wald – Clarinet, b.1919 d.1973 Newark, NJ

John Dare (drums) – 1960

Johnny Williams – 1942

Michael Tomasiak (sax, alto) – 1992

Pajaro Canzani (guitar) – 1953

Roosevelt Holts – 1905

Stephen A Hardt (piano) – 1987

Steve Jordan – Guitar, b.1919 d.1993, New York, NY

Victor LeComer (composer/conductor/leader) – 1955

Werner Dies – Clarinet, b.1928, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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