14 January

Charles Bellonzi
Drums, b.1941, Nice, France

Billy Butterfield
Trumpet, b.1917 d.1988, Middletown, OH

T-Bone Burnett
Blues Singer, Songwriter, b.1948, Sam Phillips’ hubby

Clarence Carter
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Guitarist, b.1936, Formerly married to Candi Station

Jimmy Crawford
Drums, b.1910 d.1980, Memphis, TN

Don Cunningham
Vocal, b.1931, St. Louis, MO

Maxwell Davis
Tenor Saxophone, b.1916, Independence, MO

Wray Downes
Piano, b. Toronto, ON, Canada

Mark Egan, Bass, Trumpet, b.1951, Brockton, MA

Siggi Gerhard
Clarinet, b.1930, Dortmund, Germany

Gregory Hines
Dancer, b.1946, New York, NY

Jerome Hunter
Bass, b.1942, Spartansburg, SC

Tony Inzalaco
Drums, b.1938, Passaic, NJ

Jack Jones
Crooner, Pop Jazz Singer, b.1938, Irene Hervey & Allan’s son; The Love Boat theme singer

Steve Jordan
Drums, b.1957, New York, NY

Mark Lawrence
Pianist, b.1921

Nguyen Le
Guitar, b.1959, Paris, France

Joe Muranyi
Clarinet, b.1928, Martins Ferry, OH

Grady Tate
Drums, Vocal, b.1932, Durham, NC

Kenny Wheeler
Trumpet, b.1930, Toronto, ON

Caterina  Valente
Singer, Dancer, Actress, French, b.1931, born in Paris

David Young
Tenor Saxophanist, b.1912, Nashville, TN

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