10 January

Aaron Bridgers – Piano, b.1918 d.2003, Winston-Salem, NC

Allen Eager – Tenor Saxophone, b.1927 d.2003, New York, NY

Buddy Johnson – Piano, composer, conductor, leader, b.1915 d.1977, Darlington, SC

C Scott Pazera (bass, electric) – 1972

Dave Turnbull (sax, tenor) – 1952

Donald Fagin – HALL OF FAMER, Jazz Rock Fusion Singer, Keyboardist, Songwriter, b. 1948, born in Passaic, NJ; of Steely Dan; soloist; some say 1950

Eddy Clearwater – Blues Performer, guitar, electric, b.1935

Eugenio Martinez (guitar, acoustic) – 1974

Frank Jr. Sinatra – Singer, Movie Actor, b. 1944, born in Jersey City, NJ; Frank & Nancy I’s son

George (ii) Chisholm – 1947

Gina Roche (vocals)

Gwen Cleveland – Vocal, b.1929 d.2002,

Jody Redhage (cello) – 1979

Joe Licari (clarinet) – 1934

Lous Dassen (vocals) – 1946

Lyle Ritz,  – Bass, Tuba, b.1930, Cleveland, OH

Max Roach – Jazz Performer, Drummer, Composer, Bandleader, b.1924, New Land, NC

Michael St. Peter (saxophone) – 1964

Mike Stern – Jazz Fusion Smooth Jazz Guitarist, b.1954, Boston, MA

Nick Bockrath (guitar) – 1988

Rob Mullins (piano) – 1958

Rod Stewart (Jazz Pop vocals) – 1945

Sam Chatmon – 1897

Sherrill Milnes – Opera Baritone, b.1935

Sonya Jason (saxophone) – 1963

Waymon Reed – Trumpet, b.1940 d.1983, Fayetteville, NC

William Parker (bass, acoustic) – 1952

Willie Dennis (DeBerardinis) – Trombone, b.1926 d.1965

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