9 February

Alban Maria Johannes Berg
Composer, Austrian, b.1885 d.1935, born in Vienna

Bruno Carr
Drums, b.1928 d.1993, New York, NY

Pat Crumly
Tenor Sax, b.1942, Oxford, England

Joe Dodge
Drums, b.1922, Monroe, WI

Arthur Edwards
Bass, b.1914, Ft. Worth, TX

Bill Evans
Tenor Sax, b.1958, Clarendon Hills, IL

“Peanuts” Holland
Trumpet, Vocal, b.1910 d.1979, Norfolk, Va

Carole King
HALL OF FAMER, Pop Singer, Pianist, Composer, Music Producer, b.1942, RLN: Klein; with hubby Gerry Goffin formed one of the most successful songwriting teams with over 100 hits. LP Tapestry sold 13 million copies, Brooklyn New York

Joe Maneri
Reeds, Piano, b.1927, New York, NY

Barry Mann
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Songwriter, Composer, b.1939, Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp; RLN: Iberman; some say 1942

Carmen Miranda
Singer, Dancer, Movie, Stage Actress, b.1909 d,1955, Portuguese, NN: The Brazilian Bombshell; RN: Maria da Carmo Miranda da Cunha; often parodied by Bugs Bunny & Willard Scott with fruit-filled headgear; I-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi!

Walter Page
Bassist, Bandleader b.1900 d.1957, of the Count Basie orchestra; invented the jazz technique known as the “walking bass line”, Gallatin, MO

Joe Pesci
Crooner, TV, Movie Actor, b.1943, Half Nelson’s Rocky Nelson, Raging Bull, Home Alone’s Harry, Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny, Leathal Weapon III, IV, JFK, Casino, Jingle All The Way; Pron: Peshy, Newark NJ

Len Skeat
Bass, b.1937, London, England

Steve Wilson
Piano, b. 1961,?

Peggy Wood
Opera Soprano, TV, Movie, Stage Actress, b.1992 d1978, Mama’s Mama Marta Hansen

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