8 February

Kerrie Biddell
Vocal, b.1947, Sydney, Australia

Floyd Dixon
Singer, Pianist, b.1929

Lajos Dudas
Clarinet, b.1941, Budapest, Hungary

Lonnie Johnson
Blues-Jazz Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Violinist, b.1889 d.1970, RN: Alonzo Johnson, New Orleans, LA

Gene Lees
Lyricist, Writer, b.1928, Hamilton, ONT, Canada

Jack Lemmon
Jazz Pianist, TV, Movie, Stage Actor, Movie Director, Protestant, b.1925 d.2001, RFMN: John Uhler III; The China Syndrome, The Odd Couple, Mr. Roberts, Some Like It Hot, Great Racr, Days of Wine and Roses, Save the Tiger, Grumpy Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Hamlet, My Fellow Americans, Out to Sea, Odd Couple II; Cynthia Stone’s, then Felicia Farr’s hubby, Boston

Eddie Locke
Drums, b.1930, Detroit, MI

Joe Maini
Alto Sax, b.1930 d.1964, Providence, RI

Renee Manning
Vocal, b.1955, Brooklyn, NY

Terry Melcher
Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter, b.1942 d.2004, Doris Day and Al Jorden’s son

Buddy Morrow
Bandleader, Trombonist, b.1919, New Haven, CT

Pony Poindexter
Alto Sax, b.1926 d.1988, New Orleans, LA

Joe Raposo
Composer, Music Producer, b.1937 d.1989, RFN: Joseph G.; Sesame Street songwriter & co-creator, wrote the memorable song, Being Green, sung by Kermit the Frog the covered by Frank Sinatra, Vanessa Rubin and Kevyn Lattau amongst others

Jimmy Skidmore
Tenor Sax, b.1916 d.1998, London, England

Merle Watson
Jazz Performer, Guitarist, b.1949 d.1985

John Williams
Baritone Sax, b.1941, London, England

John Williams
Conductor/Composer, MN: Towner; b.1932, Evening at Pops, Boston Pops leader; scored many top movie hits like Jaws, E.T., Home Alone, Star Wars & Raiders of the Lost Ark series, Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island, Jurassic Park, plus the NBC Nightly News theme, New York City New York

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