6 February

Claudio Arrau
Pianist, Composer, b.1903 d.1991, Chilean, Beethoven interpretations; Boston Symphony Orchestra

Nelson Boyd
Bass, b.1928 d.1985, Camden, NJ

George Brunis
Trombone, b.1902 d.1974, New Orleans, LA

Natalie Cole
Jazz, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Pianist, b.1950, born in Los Angeles; Nat King Cole’s daughter

Don Fagerquist
Trumpet, b.1927 d.1974, Worcester, MA

Bernie Glow
b.1926 d.1982, Manhasset, NY

Irving Goodman
Trumpet, b.1914, Chicago, IL

Conrad Gozzo
Trumpet, b.1922 d.1964, New Britain, CT

Larry Grenadier
Bass, b.1966, San Francisco, CA

Ernie Krivda
Tenor Sax b.1945, Cleveland, OH

Howard McGhee
Trumpeter, Pianist, Reeds, b.1918 d.1987

Tom McIntosh
Trombone, b.1927, Baltimore, MD

Michael Mondesir
Bass, b.1966, London, England

Sammy Nestico
Trombone, Arranger, b.1924, Pittsburgh, PA

John Pisano
Singer, Guitarist, b.1931, of Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, New York, NY

Ernie Royal
Trumpet, b.1921 d.1983, Los Angeles, CA

John Wallace
Guitar, b.1950, Calais, ME

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